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Are there any novel ways of exploiting religion for financial gain? For a, um, book I'm writing or something..


1) Previously untried.

2) Using an existing religion, as setting one up can take time.

3) Not requiring any special equipment, such as television studios or space ships.

4) Not requiring too many co-conspirators.

5) Highly lucrative.


Actually, some of these ideas are pretty good!

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    Well, there's one pretty cool infomercial idea that someone came up with... I got a best answer out of it... you could use that ;) Sort of like... "demon proofing your home"

    Or, how about a website to sell creationist junk? Should be pretty easy to think up stuff... caveman actionfigures.. dinosaurs and saddles sold separately :)



    Forgot this golden oldie until someone mentioned it; Rapture insurance!!! THE best way to cash in ;)

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    This one isn't new but it has not been used for centuries. Why not sell indulgences? $100 each time you think with lust about a neighbor's wife, maybe $5000 for actual adultery. At least several hundred thousand for murder, arson, rape and blackmail. Hang on, blackmail and extortion are not sins - at least I think not.

    Take over the Westboro Baptist Church and predict global disaster for 2012 - say 21 December like every other nitwit. Maybe you can get people to buy off a vengeful god by donating hard cash.

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    How Should It Be Financed?

    Giving Until It Hurts

    "YOU can call me a beggar; that doesn't bother me. I'm begging for Jesus." Those telling words of a Protestant minister underline the controversy that swirls around religious funding. Organized religion seems to be able to survive only with sizable financial support. Salaries need to be paid, temples need to be built and maintained, evangelizing campaigns need to be financed. How is the necessary money to be found?

    For many churches, the answer is the tithe.* "Tithing is God's way of financing His kingdom on the earth," claims evangelist Norman Robertson. "It is His system of economics which enables the Gospel to be preached." Not shy about reminding his followers of their responsibility to give, he emphatically states: 'Tithing isn't something you do because you can afford it. It is an act of obedience. Not tithing is a clear violation of God's commandments. It is embezzlement.'—Tithing—God's Financial Plan.

    Cross made out of money

    Most likely you agree that giving should be part of Christian worship. However, do you find insistent appeals for money disturbing, perhaps even offensive? Brazilian theologian Inácio Strieder accuses churches of resorting to tithing to "solve their institutional problems" and labels such practices "illegitimate, abusive, and a theological aberration." The result, he observes, is that "unemployed people, widows, slum dwellers, and those who are incapable of critical thinking conclude that God has abandoned them and that they are obliged to give so much to 'the preacher' that their own families go hungry."

    You may wonder: 'Are churches that enforce tithing correctly applying Scripture? Or could some religions be invoking the fear of God to fleece the flock? Really, does God expect us to give until it hurts, as some would say?'

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    i heard one guy say 'when pursuing success, pick a hero and copy what they do' so for financial gain relating to religion i would emulate the catholic church. . though having said that it has lost something like 2 billion dollars in legal payouts for it's paedo prists in the 1990s, and several diocese have claimed bankrupcy in the past five years......

    How America's Catholic Church crucified itself

    4,000 paedophile priests identified

    80 churches closed down

    An archbishop forced to resign

    $800m paid in lawsuits, higher figures out of court

    100,000 child victims estimated — and thousands more still at risk

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    Speaking of novel. John Steinbeck was good at exploiting religion. He took a story out of the bible and set it in modern times and gave everyone different names. East Of Eden.

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    no longer all of religion is authentic. maximum of it is not yet in basic terms makes use of the call. remember that the Jewish clergy of Jesus' day replaced into meant to be helping all of Israel to stay in accordance to God's regulations. instead, they have been extra centred on the main suitable tables at activities and fleecing the flock they have been ordered to look after. They did this by utilising controlling who got here into the Temple for sacrifices. How plenty they paid. Who they bought from. all of the on an identical time as getting a kick-lower back from each employer and provider provider. They dreamed up valueless regulations for each Israelite. This made the regulation annoying to persist with. at the same time with on the Sabbath, the regulation God gave them ordered them to no longer artwork as they generally did yet to take time to appreciate what God has executed. instead, the clergy made regulations on the Sabbath, no trip over a million,000 meters from the place they have been at sunset which, in the event that they took meals with them a a million,000 meters, then they might pass one extra a million,000 meters or 2,000 meters in all. do no longer that basically turn your turnip? Jesus steered his disciples to pass out and do many effective works as nicely as coaching human beings. He ordered at Matthew 10:8, "You receiveds loose, supply loose." because of the fact the teleevangelists can no longer develop the ineffective or different issues, might desire to they no longer supply a reimbursement to all? The apostle Paul suggested he replaced into no longer a "peddler of the word of God". (2Cor. 2:17) He further the "good information for loose" to the human beings. (1Cor. 9:18) What occasion did the apostles grant? 2 Thessaloanians 3:8-10 confirmed that all of them had jobs they worked at every day for their desires. Then they went out interior the ministry as a manner to no longer upload a burden to the congregations. are you able to work out any of the television preachers doing this? truly then, this emphasis on money is likely one in all the markers to coach it isn't the authentic faith of God and Christ.

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    The Hallmark Greeting Card Company sells Sympathy Cards with crucifixes, images of Jesus with a child on his lap and pictures of doves with olive branches in their beaks as they fly into a beam of light that supposed to represent "heaven".

    So I guess you could do that, but instead of cards, you could sell Microsoft " Christian Sympathy" e-mail/clip art packages and make money that way....

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    Why innovate? The tried and true formula has worked for over two thousand years! You'd just be re-inventing the wheel.

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    I'm compiling answers from church folks, to the question

    "What Was Lazarus Doing In The Bosom of Abraham?

    Every time I ask that question on here and elsewhere, I get the answers from church people who really believes that stuff, and their answers will comprise a book by that name.

    Meets your first four criteria maybe.


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    Have the cheeks made out to; Committee Advocating Self Help, or suggest that donaters just abbreviate ( C.A.S.H)

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