Mounting CB radio antennas on a 1989 GMC Sierra?

I have a 1989 GMC Sierra and am tired of my magnetic mount CB antenna. What type of bracket will work for mounting them on the mirror? what web site should I look at? I have mounted CB radio antennas on my previous vehicles, but they all had towing mirrors. Just need some good advice. Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Any type of bracket will work. You can even make it your self. The main thing to remember is that any metallic part of the antenna should not touch the body of the vehicle. Use a thick rubber washer (or two) to isolate the bottom of the antenna from the body. Put a small piece of rubber hose (like fuel line) around the cable where it is connected to the antenna. Mount it any where. usually it is easier to mount on one of the bumpers or on top of one of the fenders, where ever is it is easy to access and run the cable to the CB Unit. Try to keep the length of cable from the antenna to the CB unit to a minimum possible.

  • 4 years ago

    The best place for the antenna is on top of the middle of the cab or a 102" whip (plus spring) mounted outside of the bed. The instructions with your antenna should give some suggestions. A mag-mount will work as well as other base or center loaded antennas, it just has a temporary look to it. If the back rack is metal, It's probably OK too. Half of the antenna is the metal of the truck (the ground plain). I've always been a little suspicious of mirror mounts due to the lack of metal they are connected to. If they can specify what their typical SWR would be and that is 1.5 or less, they're OK too. The quality of how well an antenna performs is the gain specification. This is listed in dBi (decibels relative to isotropic) or dBd (decibels relative to dipole) . An isotropic radiator is a theoretical antenna with a gain of 1 dB. A dipole is a real world antenna that has a gain of about 2.15 dBi. Some CB antenna manufacturers list the gain (if they list it at all) as dBi. It makes the antenna gain look a little better. Sometimes you just have to go with a leading brand name and trust in the quality.

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    I had a 96 F-150 that I put the hood mount in and it worked great.It mounts in the crack of the hood and fender.I got at a Dealer and should be availible at most radio stores.

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