Reliability of Repaired 360s?

I've just filled out the online form for the repair of the console (it displayed the 3 flashing lights).

How reliable are the repaired 360s? Has anybody experienced the 3 flashing lights after the unit was repaired?

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    1 decade ago
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    iwell i havent experienced the "red ring of death" myself, i did have to send my 360 in to get repaired because of a faulty cd-drive, and they dont repair your console, they just send you a totally different "refurbished" one. and since i got my "new" console back from microsoft, i have had zero problems at all.

    NOTE that when you do send it in and you get the "new" console back that anything you purchased on xbox live you cannot use on the new console while offline. only if you are signed into Xbox LIVE with whichever Gamertag you used to purchase it.

    its the "DRM glitch" that microsoft has yet to address a fix for and is tickin me off.

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    Source(s): Official Xbox Magazine & Personal Experience.
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    4 years ago

    PSP ~ 7 PSP Slim ~ 8.5 Ps2 ~ 6 Ps2 Slim ~ 8 Wii ~ 8 Xbox 360 ~ 3 Ps3 ~ 9.5 Xbox ~ 7 Game Cube ~ 7 DS ~ 7 DS Lite ~ 8.5 If you knew how reliable the 360 is than, i wouldnt take the chance, you know theres something called the 3 Rings of Death, itll crap out in like 2 - 3 weeks trust me, i had it replaced 3 times already, since that happens, i got the wii and the Ps3. IF you want 3rd gen consoles i suggest you get a Ps3 Failure rates: Xbox 360 ~ 33.3% failure Ps3 ~ forgot, its around .02 or .05

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    1 decade ago

    The reliablity of the Xbox360 isnt much to be desired but when they are repaired from personal experiance they do a pretty good job. I havent had any recurring problems since repair after i had 'the ring of death'.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have had the same problem TWICE. So I did the same thing you did filled it out. Got the box and then shipped it out.

    The first time I got it back within a 2 weeks. It worked fine for about a month. Then shipped it out again.

    The second time I got it back within the first week. They just sent me a new one xbox with a falcon chip in it. And it has been working flawlessly.

    I think it is reliable.

    Source(s): Got the xbox the end of summer. And it got the RROD about Halloween and got the final thing Beginning of December.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The console that they send you is a refurbished one that has old components in it. They ones that you get from repair are more likely break then the one you had before.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I only see 3 flashing lights after the third martini


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    what i know is that they will change the MOBOard which is the main problem.......... but if they wont then the fix will only be tempo.....

    BTW thts ur only choice......unless u want to void ur warranty

  • Get Wii.. Dump the 360. :D

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