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Grant writing...?

I am interested in grant writing but I do not know how to begin..I know alot of people who do this are contractors for different organizations. My first question is do I have get any type of liscensing or file paper work with the gov't before or after I start my services? Also, how can I build of my creditbility?

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    There are plenty of books on the market about grant writing, you might want to check one or more out. You can also look at the resources available at The Foundation Center - There is a lot of good information on the site about grants, funders and more, but you might want to start with the free online course on proposal writing at

    As to building credibility, nothing works like success - you will need to have a history of successful grant writing to get contracts, and the best way to get experience is to get a job at a nonprofit org. as a grant or development associate for a year or so - you can build your experience and skills before you go solo.

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  • You could start out with a book and spend hours and hours reading like the individual above has suggested, but alternatively you can just simply find a good list of grant words and have a much better chance at landing a great source of funding and in addition to that if you dig a little, you'll find a great list of programs to apply for that you didn't even know you could. The page I am referring to is that of and if you would like a more direct link, just check out below in the comments :)

    • Here you go, this may help save you a bit of time!

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