To fans of Alice In Chains/Even X: story of Layne's recordings beyond the grave?!....?


A Chilling True Story

Is Layne Stayley, singer for seminal grunge band Alice In Chains [who OD’d and died in 2002], pulling a “Tupac” by continuing to make records from beyond the grave? It would appear so, as evidenced by this recent story coming out of Los Angeles, CA.

It seems that during the recording of their debut album, Angry Mirror, alternative metal band EVEN X first made their other-worldly connection with the deceased rock star while working on the band’s current single, “Awake,” at Track Entertainment Studios. At some point during the late-night session, some of the studio’s equipment began generating unusual frequency readings and the overhead lights began flickering sporadically. Engineer Alex Track found singer Ricky Kay unconscious in what was described as a “trance-like” state. Attempts to revive Kay were unsuccessful, so Track tried to leave the control room to get help, only to find that some “invisible force” was pushing against the door, preventing him from leaving. The room also became noticeably cooler and a “low growl” came from the speakers as a Then, without warning, Kay began frantically scribbling song lyrics on a note pad, seemingly engaged in a conversation with himself. As soon as he put the pen down, the studio returned to its normal state, as did Kay himself, having no memory of what had just happened or any recollection of the how the lyrics on the pad came to be. The lyrics generated from that session are exactly what Kay sang for the song “Awake” to the letter. Upon playback of the vocals, Kay and Track were astounded to hear an eerie, “deranged-sounding” voice whispering underneath the track. Most of it was indecipherable, but there was one phrase that stuck out, “Sing my words.” As strange as it was, the band liked how it sounded; so they decided to put the phrase on a loop and include it in the final mix of the song.

But this “X-File” doesn’t stop there. Paranormal Investigator Susan Alvarez, an experienced Medium, was brought in on the case and immediately sensed a strong and, according to her description, “sad” presence. She asked the band if the name “Lane” meant anything to the band. There were several streets in the surrounding area ending with “Lane,” but she was insistent that it was the proper name of person who had died, not a street. The band still didn’t make the connection with Stayley, but when bassist Mark Meltzer later excused himself to use the restroom, he saw the letters “L-S-A-I-C” written on the bathroom mirror, as if someone had let the hot water run and scribbled the letters through the steam. The band, which bears a striking sonic similarity to Alice In Chains and are admittedly major fans of the Seattle rockers, began to make the connection and Alvarez attempted to communicate with the spirit to confirm their suspicions. According to Alvarez, it was indeed the ghost of Layne Stayley, but attempts to ascertain the reason for this presence and his connection with EVEN X were unsuccessful. She was just left with an overwhelming feeling of “tragedy, as if his whole being was stained.”

Now that the single is being played on metal radio and the album is available for sale, reports have been coming in from fans experienced strange phenomena surrounding the song. Wayne LaPolt, 20, of Portland, Maine was so disoriented while listening to the song on his car stereo and crashed into a mailbox. Paul Nubar, 32, downloaded the track from iTunes and was listening to it while cleaning an algae-infested pool in Columbus, Ohio when he passed out, fell in, and nearly drowned. Michelle Antares, 18, reports concern for her older brother, Tony, 23, who has become increasingly withdrawn since buying Angry Mirror and keeping “Awake” on a continuous loop on his stereo.

Does the EVEN X song “Awake” contain the last known recording of Layne Stayley? Does playing it open some sort of a gateway between this world and the one beyond? The band is highly skeptical, but the truth, as they say, is out there.


** Found this on a member forum at the question part is, has anyone heard of this? What's the real source? Do you believe it? And has anyone had success in finding the lyrics? **

Listen to the song here:

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    Wow...I am the biggest AIC fan in the world, especially of Layne's and I have never heard that story. It is definitely something I am going to check out. Strange and unexplainable things happen and it is totally believable as far as Im concerned. Im going to listen to the song right now! Thanks for posting this :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Good 'ol Layne....f'n with us from beyond the grave. Would you have expected anything less from him, my dear wife?

    Source(s): BTW.... virtual Trojans are available in the virtual 7-11 down the street. We can use those to assure that there will be no more virtual child carseats needing buying.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Listening to it right now -- i do like it

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