Is drawing living things haram?(FOR MUSLIMS)?

"The personification of objects that are not normally considered anthropomorphic is a recurrent motif in Kalam (Islamic theology) regarding the wa'dul akhirati (promise of afterlife). For instance, artists who depict living creatures are tormented by their creations. Allah infuses each with a soul due to the Islamic prohibition against artists depicting beings that have "souls", interpreted as meaning all animals including humans."--wikipedia

i got that from wikipedia, but i dont really trust them when it comes to i was wondering, from Muslims only plz, if drawing living things haram? and where does it say this in the Qur'an/Hadith? thanx!


and btw im Muslim and im just confused about this, so id appreciate it if no one would leave stupid ignorant comments about things they dont understand

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    Assalamualaikum sister.

    I have also been told many times that drawing faces is haram. However, what about all those anatomy books for educational purposes?

    Allah Subhana Tallah encourages us to look at his creations. I have been drawing all my life. Never once has my intention been "oo I can draw better than god made us!" Instead what comes to my mind as I draw anything, is subhanallah, look at how perfect he made the world, and its creatures. Its like singing, you can use it for bad, or you can praise allah with your lyrics. Allah is most merciful. Who are we to judge sum and say "singing is haram" from his praises to Allah?

    Does sum1 honestly believe that he will throw us into hell for drawing with the right intention? In the quran how many words does allah speak about treating our brothers and sisters with kindness and mercy, compared to anything about drawing is haram. Most of us forget the big things.

    Also, I understand that some ppl say that ppl mite strt worshiping pictures, but with so much knowledge about Islam in this century, it is illogical to think that. However, drawing prophets was prohibitted since ppl start taking them as gods and it becomes a joke.

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      This is wrong , look at this website and inshallah you learn from it .
      & Allah knows best

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    Salaam :)

    Drawing things like people with the intention of recreating that image is haram. Notice, I used the word INTENTION. Little kids make drawings like that all the time. They have the purest intention of simply drawing. Now for an artist/sculptor etc who has the intention of drawing such things with the intention of making it just like God has made it - this is haram. Yusuf Qaradawi has some good logical views on this subject. If you read the book "The Lawful and Prohibited in Islam" it will really clear things up for you. Here is the ebook on it:

    Hope this helps, insha Allah. :)

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    Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

    Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

    I think the most lenient point of view is that three-dimensional images of anything that has a soul is forbidden. That would mean things drawn on a plane surface, like a picture or a painting, would be permitted.

    The more strict ruling is that even flat images are haraam, except in the case of necessity, such as for ID cards. In textboooks in conservative countries such as Saudi Arabia, you will see pictures drawn in such a way that the head is separated from the body so it could not be construed as a "living" thing.

    I personally do not know which of the rulings is more correct, but I tend to be conservative. I don't display photos of my family, though I will keep them put away in an album. I do cross stitch, but only of flowers or other plants or buildings. I have absolutely NO statues in my home. My children have action figures to play with but I don't like the little baby dolls that are so lifelike they look like real infants - those actually creep me out, lol. Most kids outfits have cartoon characters on them, and I don't worry about it, but I don't let my kids wear such clothes when they go to the masjid. I guess I come down somewhere in the middle. May Allah forgive me for any shortcomings in my understanding of this issue, Ameen.

    Fi Aman Allah,

    Nancy Umm Abdel Hamid

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    The reason mentioned in wikipedia may be wrong or right, I am not sure. But, hand drwaing living creature is haram by many authentic hadith. Here living creature means only zoological creatures, not trees and plant.

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  • 4 years ago

    its unacceptable and humiliating to draw a prophet and make fun of him !!! we respect all the prophets and we will never portray them in a good or in a bad way because we can not get to portray thier greatness like Allah. So lets answer ur Q: we kn that the prophet Mohammad and the other prophets are humans but they are not like you and me and the other human beings. Allah chose them to be his prophets of all the creatures and that is something that makes them special and no one can draw them as God's made them and in this way it is a lie becuz they forms them different from their true appearances. in the Holy Quran Allah says :( Those who annoy Allah and His Messenger - Allah has cursed them in this World and in the Hereafter, and has prepared for them a humiliating Punishment.) dont u think that those ppl have offended the prophet peace be upon him by thier drawings. Of course they did and they still do!! and they call it art !! They dont believe in him so why they still portray him. they dont care if it is Forbidden in the Islamic religion to portray the prophet or not bcuz Muslims have told them that it is Forbidden to portray him. But that made them more determined to insult Muslims and their messenger.

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  • pink
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    In Shia Islam, it is permitted, as long as the subject material itself is halal. start with Statues, Portraits and Films.

    In Sunni Islam, it is generally prohibited.


    Umm Abdel Hamid,

    assalamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

    There is a concept called the path of taqwa, or the path of precaution. I do not hear of it so much in Shia Islam, but we do have a certain method of taqlid in which a person can follow the most precautionary rulings from among the `ulama. In Sunni Islam, one follows the more conservative rulings when there seems to be an option. One can do this within one madhhab (preferred method) or from the broad spectrum of the four madhahib. The latter is much more complicated and is usually only possible for devoted students of fiqh. With your own personal tendency for conservatism, the path of taqwa might benefit you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    no i dont think its haram. As kids, we r encouraged to draw and color and thn later we r told not to do it cuz its haram? It doesnt add up and its quite hypocritical. It might be mentioned in some hadiths but all hadiths arent authentic.


    just wanna add that if it is haram, thn video games, cartoons, and tv must also be haram?

    its a touchy subject

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ideally you dont draw a living thing.. a face.. human or animalistic.. and you dont make a structure of a living thing.. or an animal or anything that might be mistakenly be worshipped. idol worship is strictly prohibited.

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