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Which republican presidential candidate is most qualified and why?

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    It depends on what you want them to be qualified for. For instance, all nine Republican candidates fulfill the Constitutional mandate of qualification: They are older than 35, and naturally born citizens.

    If you are asking, which has been in Government service the longest, it is Duncan Hunter.

    If you are asking, which has spent the most time on foreign soil, it is John McCain.

    If you are asking, which is the highest paid, it is Fred Thompson.

    If you are asking which candidate has the most experience in Business, and therefore be best for moving the economy forward, it is Mitt Romney.

    If you are asking who interprets the Constitution the most conservatively, it is Ron Paul.

    If you are asking which uses Jesus to promote his agenda, it is Mike Huckabee.

    If you are asking who currently holds the highest office, it is a tie between McCain, Hunter, and Tancredo, who all are Congressmen.

    Each has their own specialties, beliefs, standards, ideologies, and desires.

    I like each of the candidates for various reasons. I have a few dislikes for each of them.

    If you want America to invest more in defense, and someone who knows the military: McCain is strongest on defense (although he is weak on immigration.)

    If you want America to balance the budget, and someone who will get the nation out of debt: Romney is strongest in terms of economic management; he doesn't have a weakness--but that may be his weakness (some people see his "perfect family" as unreal.)

    If you want somone who will guide us spiritually: Mike Huckabee really has a firm belief in the Bible--but he doesn't act firmly, and is easily persuaded by his "handlers."

    If you want someone who is a good natural leader: Guliani is okay, but he doesn't support some basic Republican ideas (he's pro-abortion, and weak on immigration.)

    So who is most qualified? They all are. None are perfect. That's what makes America great--no two of us are the same, but we work it out.

    Right now, Mitt Romney leads in the delegate count. He's probably a great choice; and he's best able to beat the Democrats in the Fall. But, that doesn't mean we don't have options. We do.

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    Yes! Palin is a Great choice and she will make a Wonderful VP! She has the record of the most beloved Governor in the US by her state (Alaska), she ran on the agenda of stopping wasteful gov't spending, she's about as far outside the Beltway as you can get, plus she's actually been leading people for the past several years, while Obama & Biden have been leading NO one! Also among other things, her son is about to deploy to Iraq, she's an ice fisherman, a moose hunter, a small business owner and a lifetime NRA member. And she shelved her state's pork-laden Bridge to Nowhere that McCain has ridiculed on the trail All in all, she's a truly fine leader, citizen and patriot! Peace

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    / Sen. McCain has the leadership to move America forward into a safe direction out of fighting in Iraq, and beef-up our economy here at home.

    He is not divisive, and works equally well with Democrats to get things done.

    He was John Kerry's first choice for a running mate, but Sen. McCain turned him down.

    Sen. McCain is his own man. He spoke up against the way the war was run, against Rumsfeld, and earlier tactics. He is the only candidate who surmised the surge would work, and was 100% correct about it.

    Sen. McCain is respected by leaders of both parties, and is the only candidate running to move this country forward into further prosperity.

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    As a lifetime republican I hate to say this but, although all of them are technically qualified I don't see one candidate among them that I feel will make a decent president. I like ron paul but not enough to say he would be a good president.

    My grandfather will probably turn over in his grave but i may vote democrat this time

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    Guilani did a fantastic job with revitalizing New York. I do believe he is qualified but I worry about his core values. Sometimes I get the sense that his version of morality is whatever is legal. For example, while it was not illegal to cheat on his wife it was definitely immoral, but he does not seem to have problem with his behavior.

    That is the primary reason he would not get my vote. Our leaders must have strong core value that guide their moral decisions.

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    i'm liberal so i'm saying this from an objective point of view.

    he is a veteran who almost died in war. he LIVED the blood and tears that is going on now and would know best how to act. he;s the real deal.

    EDIT: LOL some1 said obama (if obama doesnt make it to finals i'm voting mccain if hes running. sorry guys but hillary can burn in hell)

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    Rudy, because he did and said all the right things right after 911. He can get this country straightened out once and for all.

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    What you are actually looking for on the republican side is the least unqualified. Or the one who is smarter than a fifth grader.

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