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how is the court system of florida set up?

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    County Court

    Circuit Court

    District Courts of Appeal

    Florida Supreme Court

    County courts hear misdemeanors and small claims (less than $15,000).

    Circuit courts have jurisdiction over felonies, civil claims which are $15,000 or more, probate proceedings, actions for declaratory and injunctive relief, original writs (habeas corpus, mandamus, certiorari, etc.). They also have jurisdiction to consider appeals from county courts.

    District courts of appeal have jurisdiction to consider appeals from circuit courts, county court decisions certified as matters of great public importance, and final agency decisions (such as the Department of Environmental Protection's decision denying an environmental permit application). District courts of appeal also have jurisdiction to grant extraordinary writs such as habeas corpus, mandamus, prohibition, certiorari, etc.

    The Florida Supreme Court has limited jurisdiction. The handle all appeals from circuit court in which a death sentence has been given. The Florida Supreme Court also has jurisdiction to consider cases certified by district courts of appeal to be matters of great public importance or cases where the district courts of appeal have given conflicting opinions. Finally, the Florida Supreme Court has jurisdiction to grant extraordinary writs.

    Source(s): Florida Constitution and Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure.
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    i used to live in florida and all i can tell you is that the court system is more screwed up than the state is and that says a lot

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    I'm in Florida and was a legal secretary for about 17 years -- what do you mean exactly? Yes, you may message me -- I'm open for messages.

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    like any other state....

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