do you have to cook the roast through before putting in crock pot for this recipe?

this recipe is at epicurious...just wondering if the meat just needs to be done on the outsides...or if the whole thing has to be done throughly. any thoughts are appreciated :)


Season the flour with the salt and pepper and pound the mixture into the meat with the edge of a plate. Brown meat on all sides in the hot fat or oil. Add the onions, cover and cook over low heat 10 minutes. Add the carrots, herbs, seasonings and liquid. Cover tightly and simmer 3 1/2 - 5 hours, until meat is fork tender. Add desired vegetables during the last 20 or 30 minutes.

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    That recipe sounds incomplete it never says to transfer to slow cooker.Sounds like a recipe for a dutch oven. Brown does not mean cook through. I just went to Epicurious and could not find this recipe. Are you trying to convert a std recipe to a slow cooker recipe. ??Slow cooker recipes say cook on low or high , not simmer 3 1/2- 5 hours??.When converting the most important thing is to reduce the liquids as they don't evaporate as much in a good slow cooker.

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    No it does not need to cook the whole way through. The browning is not required at all in this recipe. It is an added step to give a desired look and sear to the outside layer of the meat, and to infuse the onion flavor. The cooking time in the crock pot is sufficient for cooking of the roast. Sounds like a wonderful recipe. Enjoy!

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    I think this is the one you are looking for.... All-Purpose Crock Pot Chicken I discovered this one a few weeks ago. I started out trying to make chicken and rice and ended up with this. It is very tender and very good. An excellent make-ahead dish for summer. All the work is done before the crock pot is even warm. This is excellent for fajitas, pasta salads, chicken salad, soup, added to beans and rice, just laying on bread for chicken sandwiches, or just eating cold. 8 servings ½ day prep INGREDIENTS 1 chicken (in any quantity, size, shape. usually 2-4 lb.) cajun-louisiana seasoning blend (Any brand, i.e. Tony Chachere's) lemon pepper 1 dash salt bell peppers celery, Thinly-sliced carrots, Thinly-sliced green onions, Thinly-sliced garlic, Thinly-sliced water (to cover chicken) DIRECTIONS If using thigh portions or a cut up fryer, etc, remove all skin and as much fat as possible. I boil the skins with garlic for the dog. There is no need to bone the chicken. Put about 1/4 inch water in the slow cooker. Rinse the chicken well, getting into the crevices, and sprinkle with the Cajun seasoning on both sides. Go easy at first; this is NOT low-salt and it tends to be a little spicy. I start immediately placing the chicken in the slow cooker. I rinse one piece, season both sides, and layer it in the pot. When you are done seasoning all the chicken (I generally do 2-3 lbs in a batch; less is not worth the time), cover the pot and let the chicken stand for 30 minutes. At the end of that time, cover the chicken fully with water (don't skimp) and set the cooker on "Low." Cooking time is up to you. A minimum of 8-10 hours is what I recommend. I usually set the chicken cooking in an afternoon, and let it cook overnight. Often it will cook for 12-24 hours. This is an excellent dish for those of us who never learned to properly debone a chicken ;) At the end of the cooking time, merely pull out the chicken pieces and separate the bones from the meat. It will literally fall apart. Save the broth for adding to mashed potatoes, gravy, rice or soup. You will have a good deal of chicken here. Separate into smaller portions and freeze.

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    You are just searing the outside of the roast so it stays juicy inside. The flour on the outside should turn medium brown then you put it in the crock pot. I have an eye of round roast cooking right now and this is exactly how I seared my roast before I put it in the crock pot

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    you are searing the meat so the outside has a nice crust on it... not cooking it all the way through. After you brown it on all sides, put it in the crock pot and continue the cooking until it is done. When cooking meat in a crock.. it turns out best when seared in a pan on the stove top and then transfered to your crock pot.Good luck. :)

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    You just brown it on the outside if you want it to have that oven roast look. Not all the way through.

    I have spent 25 years cooking them in the crockpot without doing that and it does not take longer to cook. It just looks a little different. It tastes just fine.

  • Anika
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    The others are right about browning it, but I'm concerned about the veggies... Carrots and potatoes won't cook in 20 minutes.

  • Anonymous
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    some crockpots allow you to brown right in them.

    if you got the plain old crockpot like i do, just sear the meat in a fry pan/dutch oven (on med/high heat), to brown the sides, just to seal in the juices. the simmering in the crockpot will finish cooking it.

    sounds yummy.

  • Anonymous
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    no you just brown it on the outside. it would take forever to cook it through! thats why you put it in the crock pot!

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