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need to find a loan to purchase a business. I have a good down payment, however my credit score is low due to?

my credit cards having small limits 300 - 500, and the fact that I use them every month so my balances look high. I can't use prosper, because I live in New york state, and there is a cap on the intrest rates they charge so no one will bid. Any suggestions of legitimate places to borrow money from (Hard Loans, etc.)

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    If you're in dire need of a loan, is a viable alternative to a standard bank. You sign up at the web site, run through a credit check, and post a request for loan funding. Regular people can offer to fund all or part of a loan. Your interest rate is lower than at a bank. And it is legal: Clark Howard's mentioned it on his radio show.

    And if nothing else, please avoid sending personal information to the people here that are offering you a loan. No actual, real banker has a Yahoo or GMail account with which they do business. They'll have an e-mail address with their bank. And they won't solicit business through Yahoo! Answers.

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    If you plan to pay back the money , you can ask for a loan at your credit union or Prosper. People may help you. More information at and

    You can check with the SBA for government grants, funding, but you may need to do some paperwork. From

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    To get a private loan in case you're in undesirable debt is confusing. in view which you're saying you require for increasing your organization which has been thriving, there's a scope. you may submit an intensive project record and prepare its viability to the delight of the financial establishments, to get the loan.

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