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Is now a good time to acquire shares of Lehman Brothers (LEH)?

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    I believe so. Even though the economy is turning toward a recessionary gap, the financials are starting to slowly turn around. the main reason is because we know companies like citi, lehman and merrill etc. are not going under, just simply experiencing bad times due to this mortgage mess. Most would agree with me that all the write downs are already priced into the market so it cant get much worse. Buy lehman. strong management too

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    Wow, the charts make it look like a "players" stock to me. Moved down almost 20% in the first weeks of this month. Swinging wildly in a 20% or so range for months on end. Egad, is that a stable financial institution I am seeing there? My personal bet is that it will move up from arount 58 to around 65 before the month is out. Then it hits longstanding resistance and probably comes down. For the long term investor, this doesn't act like a stable situation.

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    There is a strong support at 51.

    Cut loss at 48.5

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