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Who else is a 7th day Adventist?

We go to church on Saturday. We are a lot like Baptist's except we belive only a few different things.


lol. i hate that soy crap. we don't have to eat it, it is just some people don't eat mean. yeah that suff is yucky.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    When I was a teenager I used to think Adventist were a cult or something, but that was because I didn't hear much about them.

    But now I have a totally different outlook on Seventh-day Adventists. They are not a cult at all, but a very Bible believing people. There are like 15 million members worldwide and operate the second largest Christian education system in the world having over 7,000 universities, colleges, academies and other schools.

    Adventist also believe strongly in good health, thus why many are vegetarians, but not all, and they own and operate hundreds of hospitals, clinics and other healh care facilities around the world. They treat and care for over 16 million patients a year in over 100 countries.

    They hold dearly to the Bible's fundemental beliefs and believe in the 10 Commandments of God and eternal life through Christ. They are not legalists at all as some claim and they do a very good job in revealing the love and character of God from the Bible and use the Bible as a roadmap for their lives.

    I've always been impressed with Adventists as they do so much good in the world but they don't raise up their hands and say 'look at us!' They are often very humble and even avoid the spotlight. Their ADRA, Adventist Develop and Relief Organization, is like second to the Red Cross in helping countless lives everywhere during times of disaster and destruction.

    When hurricane Katrina hit I can remember a large group of university students from Adventist schools quickly had a huge kitchen truck there in Mississippi, in the middle of the disaster, making hot meals for hundreds of people daily and the students had prepared thousands of emergency hygiene kits passing them out.

    Many of the students walked right up to the cars and simply asked the people, 'Would you also like us to pray with you? And it didn't stop there. They helped to rebuild many facilities too.

    I cannot say enough good things about the Seventh-day Adventists.

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  • Snark
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    1 decade ago

    I was raised Baptist and went to a Seventh Day Adventist Camp.

    I can tell you, after soy hot dogs, soy hamburgers, and various incarnations of soy mystery meats... I didn't see much resemblance.

    But all in all, I found them to be relatively sane and open-minded.

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