Does anyone know the Artist of the Day,Deans Dairy Code,Taylor Swift and Nascar Rewards code for Jan 12,2008?

Robert James “Bobby” Fisher is currently the only U.S. born chess-player to become the official world champion, beating the defending champ, Boris Spassky. In what year did Fisher win? (Enter in the letter of the correct corresponding answer). C(1972),In 1973, President Richard M. Nixon replaced Vice President Spiro Agnew with a man who would soon replace Nixon as the President when Nixon stepped down. This person is the first and only man to be appointed to office of the Vice President. Who is this man? (Enter in the letter of the correct corresponding answer). - C(Gerald Ford),


I apologize for putting the listen and win codes but I forgot to eliminate them from the question.See I copy and paste the questiuons,then proceed to put in the answers.Sorry for my oversight.My bad as they now say.But I have a good excuse.I was late in going to birthday party.Next time I will correct my oversight.Again I apologize for my failure.

Update 2:

What was the name of Alabama’s 1985 CD - 40 hour week,In 1997, in the black rock desert, Andy Green, a United Kingdom driver of the ThrustSSC vehicle set a new land speed record. The vehicle’s speed broke the speed of sound by about three miles per hour. How fast did the vehicle travel over a one mile distance? (Enter in the letter of the correct corresponding answer). -(763) C,In The Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the swashbuckling and sinister Capt. Barbossa is the thorn in the side of Capt. Sparrow, as the two continuously fight for the position of Capt. of the infamous ship, The Black Pearl. Sparrow’s first name is Jack. What is Barbossa’s first name? B(Hector).

Update 3:

A great birthday present would be Carrie Underwoods Before He Cheats in either wav or mp3 format.If you have it please send it to me!Thank you!

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    They don't have the Listen & Win codes on the weekend.

    Just the trivia questions and the Reward Links.

    country music trivia - 40-hour week

    extraordinary trivia - c

    villains of the silver screen - b

  • 1 decade ago

    no listen and win here either on the weekends.

    trivia string today, cb40ccb, or just cb40

  • 1 decade ago






    c&p c40b

    taylor swift (fri)-sears tower ,but just type ear

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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