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My mom has Orthostatic Tremor. Any non-drug things that can help?

My mom has a condition called orthostatic tremor. It just means that she can't stand in one place for very long or she trembles and has to sit down. It's different than what's called "essential tremor". She has NO problems walking, only when she stands in one spot.

She's tried taking the standard drugs for this, but they are all basically sedatives that cause her to be drowsy and feel "drugged out". Is there anything natural out there that might help?

Condition description:

Primary Orthostatic Tremor, also known as Orthostatic Tremor (OT), is a neurological movement disorder, characterized by high frequency tremors of the legs when in a standing position, and an immediate sense of instability.

Because of the speed of the contractions (13-18 Hz)* you may not recognize the problem as a tremor as compared to the more common essential tremor (4-7 Hz) or Parkinsons (3-6Hz) which produces a very visible movement.

website: http://orthostatictremor.org/...

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    You need to get your Mom some medicinal marijuana. It will make her feel relatively stable all over and it will increase her appetite.

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