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why are animals being put in the same category as a child?

I think its kind of ridiculous that tons of people on here say "if you can't treat your animal as one of your children then you shouldn't have one"

How does a child even compare to a cat/dog etc..? Children are human beings.


I have a cat and i believe animals should know their place in the family.(they do NOT come before children in the home)

Update 2: have a 4 year old child and she is very well taken care of.I have a cat which is my husbands responsibility because the damn thing causes PROBLEMS.

Update 3:

Ok I have no idea where you got your useless info from but I would NEVER abuse my kid.I really wouldn't mind if my bf got rid of the damn cat because half the time i want to punch it.I don't take well to animals who enjoy ruining hundreds of dollars worth of items and **** on my floor for no apparent reason.

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    animals are better than children that's why you don't like animals and animals are so much superior to you that's another reason you don't like them.

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    I've raised two kids and eleven cats. Here is the reasoning for why people say this. First of all is the respect for life. Research has shown that people who don't treat their pets well, or abuse them, are far more likely to not treat their kids well, and often become abusers of their kids, too. Animal abuse is one of the early indicators of a propensity for child abuse.

    Then there is the responsibility factor. If a person has difficulty being a responsible pet owner, then they will have even more difficulty being a responsible parent. Having a pet involves mental and emotional involvement which has a great deal in common with the mental and emotional involvement of being a parent. It involves love, discipline, interaction, learning to listen. Our cats indeed are almost like our kids. It's true that the kids are human, and more important, but I hope you see the commonalities.

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    Ask how to treat the problems the cat is causing and I bet you will find he is NOT being treated right. A well cared for cat with the right vet care and right food and equipment in the house will not ruin things. Get help this board is good at those kind of questions.

    SECOND those of us with no children, grown children or have a love of animals do treat our pets like children.

    My husband and I have no kids together and his kids are grown and gone. Our pets were our children. Our little boy just died and we grieve him as much as if he had blond hair and 2 legs and arms. Our cat is treated like a child. She has her own chair at the kitchen table. She is well taken care of and loved every bit as much as if she was our little girl.

    Cat and dog lovers understand this

    Get help for the Dam cat and he won't be one any longer.

    You are not a person pets should be around.

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    All I know is I have a friend who needs intense therapy because his mom paid more attention to her cats than him.

    Caring for a cat requires a lot less of a person than raising a child. Some litter, food, water, a little attention, a trip to the vet once in a while, and your cat is fine. Kids require teaching, nurturing, care, and constant attention in addition to their physical needs.

    My friend's mom figured out that cats were easier than kids, so they got the attention. And now my friend can't have normal human relationships. Her selfish decision to treat her son like less than a cat has crippled him socially. Maybe she should have had the therapy years ago, instead of him needing the therapy now.

    Please don't get me wrong, I love animals. I think there is nothing more human than caring for something that needs. There is something beautiful about loving something unconditionally and sharing your life with it. I think pets can help fill a void when one is unable to have children of their own, they've lost someone, or they just need a little company. I love my cat and love caring for her.

    But would I trade my wife for my cat, or a child? Never. Yes, cat relationships are easier -- the worst cat moments are a fraction of what we experience in a mildy bad human moment. But are human relationships are where we truly make our stamp on the world and can influence generations to come.

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    That's based on the ASSUMPTION that "humans are better than animals", and I, for one, don't believe that. We're all on this earth for a reason, and I'm going to point out that animals aren't the ones responsible for contaminating and otherwise ruining the planet.

    I have enough love in my heart to love my daughter, my grandson AND my pets all equally. And if you don't personally feel this way, what business is it of yours if other people do?

    Additionally, not all people are able to have children to love. This is the case with my closest friend; her cats, dogs and horses ARE her children, and why should she treat them as anything less?

    Edit: Your comment about your "husband's damn cat" speaks volumes. I sure hope the cat is getting some love from your husband, because she sure ain't gettin' it from you. If there's such a "problem", why don't you find her a home with someone who WILL love her?

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    We take for granted the child protection laws and animal protection laws we have today. Years ago, there was much less awareness and both were treated with unbelievable cruelty. The first protection society was for animals and it was founded in England. A child protection society wasn't formed until about a hundred years later.

    Have to go. Lord Labrador wants some love.

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    What a lot of the saner people mean is that animals and kids both need a caretaker. That caretaker needs to properly feed, give attention to, provide exercise for, provide medical care to, protect, and entertain. You do these things for a child as you would do for a pet. They are both a commitment as in they are "forever". If you have a kid and don't provide these things, you are a bad parent right?? So in that, if you have a pet and do not provide these things, you are a bad pet owner, and shouldn't have one. Comparing pets to people only goes as far as that in my opinion. There are people who are a little nutty and literally think pets are their kids, and as long as they take proper care of them, I couldn't care less how they think. I do put animals above most people though, and I do not want kids at all ever in my life. If my dog needed a kidney, I'd give it to him- I love him that much (yes I know it isn't medically possible). But I don't care about most people that way.

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    Well I myself have never heard that particular comment or quote regarding the criteria for owning a pet. While my own pets are "my children" I don't think a person who is unable to equate having a pet as the same as having a child is necessarily undeserving of a pet. You can certainly not see your cat or dog the same way you see your human child and still be a wonderful pet owner.

    There are aspects to pet ownership that are as time consuming as having a child, particularly as the pet ages and their bodies grow weak or possibly arthritic. Pets with medical problems, for owners who are willing to go the extra mile to keep them comfortable, can be a lot of work and expense. Trust me, I am/was one of those owners.

    I think a better criteria would be "Are you willing to think of this pet as a very young child? Incapable of preparing its own meals? Needing your assistance to get outside to go to the bathroom? Needing you to make judgement calls on its health? Requiring infinite amounts of patience because they ARE going to make mistakes no matter how well you "teach" them?"

    I do not have children, but I have 2 senior cats, one who must be medicated daily. I lost my German Shepherd nearly 2 years ago and the grief is still sharp for me. He WAS my child, but never would I say to a parent that has lost a HUMAN child "I know just how you feel, I lost my dog." Because they are NOT the same. But the human heart has unlimited capacity for love and there is nothing that says people cannot love their pets as much as their is just a different embodiment of that love. Love is not limited to the human species.

    Source(s): Long time pet owner.
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    I really hate it when children ruin possessions that are worth hundreds of dollars and the parents refuse to do anything about it...not punish the kid or even replace the object!

    I hate it when parents refuse to watch their kids and then sue because their brats get hurt!

    I hate it when parents bring their sick, contagious children out in public where they spread germs!

    I hate attitudes like yours. My cats behave better than you kid! Now you are gonna squirt out another brat to infect the world. I really feel for the poor teachers who will soon be the cause of your child's poor behavior!

    Source(s): Some people love their animals as children, get over it already!
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    Jamie is a white trash nutcase. The best thing to do is ignore her & say a HUGE prayer for the poor little girl that is stuck with this whack job for a mom.

    For someone who is on bedrest with her second, out of wedlock child, you sure have a lot of time to spend online.

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    I totally agree with you. I think animals should be treated kindly, but when it comes down to it, they are just animals. They can have a special place in your heart but I'm pretty sure that if most people had to chose between their child or their pet, they'd chose their child any day :)

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