Slaughter houses: Is this true?

I want to be a vegetarian like a teacher co-worker of I decided to spend last night watching some slaughter house youtube videos to encourage myself. My husband told me that most of those cows are dead when their throats are pulled out eventhough they are flailing around and mooing horribly.

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    although i have no idea why you want to be like anyone other than yourself, i'll answer this.

    it is not true that cows or any other animal is dead as it moved through the slaughter lines. it is alive and it is frightened because it smells blood. it is also frightened because all of a sudden, it is not free but is in a death trap, following the one ahead of it to be killed in very brutal ways. so these animals, so scared, produce adrenaline into their bloodstreams before they die, therefore, your meat is not very good.

    you should see the youtube film about how some chicken processors torture the poor birds before they are killed. but i know that my teeth are omnivore teeth and i really don't want to be a vegan. i think becoming a vegan is more of a political statement rather than a choice of diet. and i don't like only vegetarian diets myself.

    the only way slaughtering a cow, for example, is not cruel and does not make the animal produce adreneline into its blood and muscles is the kosher way. a true kosher butcher NEVER has blood inside of the slaughterhouse for the animal to smell--it is clean. the animals are taken one by one, not in herds, not in death lines. the kosher butcher talks to the animal softly and pets it until he takes his razor and cuts its throat so that it dies quickly. and then a rabbi blesses the creature as a being as good as a human, and blesses the meat that will feed people.

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    They are indeed alive! You know what your eyes see in these videos, don't let someone else's lip-service responses kid you. These animals are alive when they are gutted....

    You should watch the film 'Earthlings'. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and shows you the 5 burdens and abuse suffered by animals at the hands of man. It made a BIG difference in my life.

    Beware that this film is graphic and will make you cry at least a dozen times. Perhaps watch it with your husband to show him what you're considering. And I can assure you the statements in the beginning are true, these are NOT isolated incidents.

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    No, they are not 'dead', they have simply been stunned, supposedly to the point of not feeling. The flailing of the legs etc is supposedly a mechanical reaction from the nerves, rather than a 'sensory' one; as in, they are not, allegedly, 'aware' of it.

    Believe that if you will....I know what I have seen with my own eyes. And there is a massive difference in reaction between an animal who has been fully stunned, and ones which I have believed, have not been.

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    A dead animal will still flail about, it's muscles and nerves that are doing it. It is not possible for one to still moo.

    If you chop off the head of a chicken it is dead but will still flail about like he's trying to fly.

    Source(s): grew up on a farm
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    ok, here is some truth about how they slaughter cows... My fiancee used to live on a farm and his family raised beef cows so he grew up around it. First they shot them in the head with a stun gun and then they are shackled and hung by their back feet, then a "sticker" slits their throats and they are left to bleed to death. Its not a pretty thing to watch but I cant understand how many people take the jump to become a veg. because the majority of the population will not change so these animals are going to die like this anyway. Think for yourself about this choice, dont do it because you feel pressured, if anything do it because of what you believe.

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    If you really never want to eat meat again watch. Also there is a book which deals with vegetarian way of life its called "Skinny *****" by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. The book gives you a lot of insight on the ways of being a vegetarian and some sights to look at which describe the slaughter process.

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    I am in school to become a vet tech and even though the slaughtering techniques used are considered 'humane', yes, they are still alive. If they weren't, they wouldn't be able to flail and moo. What are your reasons for wanting to become vegetarian? If it is because you disapprove of the slaughter of animals then remember that there is an archaic order to life. All life. Though we may not approve of the ways it is done, it IS the most safe and humane way to do things. Please consider your health also. The human body was not designed to live on grain, vegetables and fruit alone. Protein, in the form of meat, is essential to our body's growth and development. I wish you luck in your decision!

  • I'm a vegetarian, too.

    And from vegetarian to could-be, yes they are unfortunately real. I've been to a lot of conferences about this subject and animal rights. I've also read fast food nation which tells a little more about slaughterhouses.

    The people working there don't care about the animals and kill them (and let them live) in the worst ways imaginable. Chickens have the beaks chopped off, pigs have their throats slit alive, all without no pain killers.

    For more information visit and/or

    Source(s): Personal exp.
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    No cows are definitly not dead then!!

    They are usually bleed to death,but most of the time they are still alive when they are been dismembered,skinned,etc.

    You dont seem to have much motivation behind becoming a vegetarian really,so I dunno maybe looking a videos will help,im not sure...your decision should come from within though!

    If videos help you to become a vegetarian well that i suspose thats a good thing too!

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    Your husband is right when he said "most" but of course some are probably still living.. But please keep in mind that what you watched was an anti meat eating/industry propaganda video..

    You also need to see (for balance of views) how a body of a rabbit, or ground squirrel or even a fox looks like when it is horribly mangled by a combine during the harvesting of vegetables and how rabbits are culled so that they don't feed on vegetable farms ( crop farmers ar in fact paid to kill rabbits to keep populations "down").. or how animals are killed to keep them out of crop farms and how many of them starve to death due to loss of food and habitat when land was converted to crop farms..

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