Are Nissan Sklines illigal?

if so... why?

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  • tricky
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    1 decade ago
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    no deff not

    If your are in the US i hope this helps.

    Info from other US owners whom own Skylines R32 upwards and info found myself.

    What needs changing depends where you live,as some states require some mods whilst others you wont really need any whilst others will not let you use your car.

    Common changes are the emissions being altered,R32 requires a strong bar being added behind the back seat as the petrol tank is really close.Some states require the steering wheel to be on the left but not every state.

    This is something you need to chase up with a department of transport where you live or the cop shop.

    Find Skylines for you heard of owners using them.

    Have US titles ones for sale.

    Great FAQ section still very helpful.

    Insurance used by other Owners in the US if you live there.

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    Source(s): R32 / R33 Skyline owner
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  • 1 decade ago

    No. There's an importer here in Orange County, California who is the only importer of the Skyline in the US. They still import them at a $90K pricetag. I've seen a couple of R33s and more than a handful of R34s driving down So. California freeways- one had Oregon plates. I actually had the opportunity to drive a R34 GTR V Spec three years ago. NIIIIICE!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It is illegal to import any Skyline into the USA that is not at least 25 years old, or on this list:

    If it IS on that list (and the R33 IS), it could still need a lot of work to be brought into compliance, and it has to be done by a registered importer. There are currently no registered importers for the Skyline who are both still in business AND in the business of importing Skylines.

    There WERE two for a while, but one isn't doing it anymore, and one isn't in business anymore.

    So there are some US-legal R33 Skylines out there, and some R34s that were erroneously and illegally imported, but which no one is going to go after. Because it'll be 10 years or so before any MORE come in, these cars tend to sell for a lot of money. About 3-5 times what they'd sell for in Japan.

    Rules are similar, but less restrictive (in most ways, particularly regarding age) in Canada.

    The reason you can't just import any car you want into the US is that the US is not party to the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations.

    This is a series of treaties that govern vehicle safety and emissions standards. It isn't that US standards are many cases, particularly if you only look at federal standards and not state ones, they aren't. The problem is that the US has its own standards and its own testing regime. With rare exceptions (the Scion xB managed to get around it somehow), any testing done for the European or Japanese market will not be accepted for purposes of approving a car for the US market. The tests (which are expensive) must be repeated, with whatever subtle differences the US requires, for the US market.

    Between Japan and most of the world, though, testing from one country is accepted in another.

    That's why Australians and Britons import all the cool Japanese market cars, and they get a lot more official imports, too. It's also why a lot of the low-volume Japanese cars never see US roads, and why we have to pretend we're happy with the Mustang.

    Note: Not every registered importer will conform every car, or else Motorex woudln't have been charging like 80 grand for them.

    And just because something is illegal doesn't mean people aren't doing it. There are non-conforming Skylines (and other cars) out there that got past customs and got registered by an ignorant or cooperative DMV. Those people would be best served by keeping a low profile until their cars are 25 years old, though.

    And Will X, that's a BIG if. So big, that it is exceptionally rare for anyone to do it. You'll note that most of the cars approved for import are vehicles that are already federalized in very similar forms.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not really illegal, but they were never sold stateside, they have to be imported which is a difficult/expensive but not impossible task. I've seen an R32 GTS-T around my town quite regularly in the summer. I guess in someways they could be considered illegal since no Skyline engine will pass US emissions tests, but modifications can be done to make them pass.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If the appropriate measures are taken to license the vehicle in the US and pass emissions and safety tests then it is 100% legal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think they are right now. But next year they're going to bring it to U.S.

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