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Mothman looms over small US town

A quick walk up Main Street is enough to learn who this US river town's most famous resident is: His name is on signs, and there's even a museum devoted to him.

And the sculpture in the middle of town shows his enormous wings and glowing red eyes.

More than 40 years after the first reported sighting of the mysterious creature later called "Mothman," residents in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, have embraced his legend. They've helped to turn this town into a destination for people in search of an offbeat tourism experience.

But while there's no local consensus on whether the stories are true, most agree that Mothman is good for business.

"It's helped the town," said Ruth Finley, who owns the 106-year-old Lowe Hotel on Main Street along with her husband. "People come because of Mothman and they stay at the hotel, they go to the restaurants."

Every September, Point Pleasant hosts the weekend-long Mothman Festival, which draws about 2,000 people a year to this town of about 4,500.

Walking along Main Street, conventioneers can have their picture taken near the statue, drink a "Mothman Frappachino" and drop into the Mothman Museum.

Inside, they can look over everything from accounts of Mothman sightings to props from the 2002 Richard Gere film The Mothman Prophecies, which helped boost interest in the creature.

The first sighting was reported on Nov. 15, 1966. Others later came forward to say they had seen a gray creature about 2.1m tall with bright red eyes and wings like a bird.

The sightings ended on Dec. 15, 1967, the day of the collapse of the Silver Bridge, which linked Point Pleasant to Ohio.

Forty-six people were killed, and ever since people have speculated on whether the sightings were connected to the tragedy. (AP)



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    Mothman 隱約地出現在小美國鎮快的步行大街是足夠學會的A 誰這個美國河鎮的最著名的居民是: 他的名字是在標誌, 並且有甚而博物館致力於他。並且雕塑在鎮中間顯示他極大的翼和發光的紅色眼睛。在首先被報告的看見神奇生物以後超過40 年叫"Mothman 之後," 居民在點宜人, 西維吉尼亞, 接受了他的傳奇。他們幫助把這個鎮變成目的地為人尋找離奇的旅遊業經驗。但當沒有地方公眾輿論打開是否故事是真實的, 多數同意, Mothman 是好的為事務。"這被幫助鎮," Finley 說露絲・, 擁有106 年的Lowe 旅館在大街與她的丈夫一起。"人們來由於Mothman 和他們 裡面, 他們能看在一切從Mothman sightings 帳戶對支柱從2002 年理查・Gere 影片Mothman 預言, 幫助助力興趣在生物上。第一看見被報告關於1966 年11月15 日。以後其他人挺身而出認為他們看見了一個灰色生物大約2.1m 高與明亮的紅色眼睛和翼像鳥。sightings 結束了在1967 年12月15 日, 銀色橋梁的崩潰的天, 連接點宜人對俄亥俄。四十六個人被殺害了, 和自那以後人們推測是否sightings 被連接了到悲劇。(AP) 自己判斷巴

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