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Chemistry Scavenger hunt/random questions?

For each question I need to find a common household object that represents the question, and an explanation.

1) The product when a dilute sulfuric acid solution is electrolyzed between two platinum electrodes.

2) The amount of water whose temperature would change by 15 degrees Celsius when it absorbs 2646 Joules.

3) A carboxylic acid and its structural formula.

4) The structural and molecular formulas for two compounds that are isomers.

5) A compound containing the element that has a higher electronegativity but lower electron affinity energy than Cl.

Thanks so much for any help.

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    1) Car-battery

    2) Don't feel like doing math.

    3) Vinegar - approx 5% Acetic acid, CH3COOH

    4) Look up tartaric acid (it's found in wine).

    5) Teflon - Contains Fluoride.

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    Oh boy, oh boy! A interest. Wee! Yeah, specific i'm going to play. i might might desire to think of on the subject of the concepts. Scavenger hunts might desire to be problematic (IMO). i'm going to digital mail you w/techniques. BTW, are there any policies or regulations?

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