condensate build up in superheated steam?

Is it possible for condensate to build up in a superheated steam line say 200# 500deg F. This works out to about 122 deg of superheat.

I think it can based on an oxide layer on the ID of the pipe but when I ask around the answers are 50/50.

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    You will always get condensate during plant start-up. Bypass steam traps & low point drain are opened during start-up to get rid all of the condensate. During normal operation, steam traps will intermittently discharges condensate from your steam system.

    Dissolved oxygen is always been maintained at less than 10ppb level with stripping steam & oxygen scavenger injected to boiler feed water. So, oxide layer maybe formed during start-up, shutdown, dissolved oxygen > 10ppb and when there is accumulated condensate at steam line.

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    If you look at the steam tables the vapor pressure of 500° steam is 680 psi. At pressures below this the steam will be dry. You are correct that at 200 PSI and 500° you have 122 degrees of superheat - well enough to make sure that there is no condensate.

    Oxidation in the lines is more likely related to down-time on the equipment when it cools from high temperatures.

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    Don't forget there can be oxygen in super heated steam. Depending on the water treatment prior to going to the boiler, there may be air dissolved in the boiler feed water.

    Is the oxide layer on the bottom of the pipe or uniformly distributed around the surface? If condensate is helping with any corrosion, you would expect it to be on the bottom.

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    You will get condensate in the line every time you start it up after a shut down. Whether or not the condensate can collect or vaporize depends upon how well the line is insulated, whether or not there are any dead legs that can accumulate the condensate, etc.

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