there's a song in american pie...?

the song is in american pie but the only lyrics i know are "la lalala laaaa lalala laaaa..." can you tell me what it is?

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    It could be one of these. This is the soundtrack listing.

    1. Third Eye Blind - "New Girl"

    2. Tonic - "You Wanted More"

    3. blink-182 - "Mutt"

    4. Sugar Ray - "Glory"

    5. Super TransAtlantic - "Superdown"

    6. Dishwalla - "Find Your Way Back Home"

    7. Bic Runga - "Good Morning Baby"

    8. Shades Apart - "Stranger by the Day"

    9. Bachelor Number One - "Summertime"

    10. Goldfinger - "Vintage Queen"

    11. Bic Runga - "Sway"

    12. Loose Nuts - "Wishen"

    13. The Atomic Fireballs - "Man with the Hex"

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    Third Eye Blind - "New Girl"

    Tonic - "You Wanted More"

    blink-182 - "Mutt"

    Sugar Ray - "Glory"

    Super TransAtlantic - "Superdown"

    Dishwalla - "Find Your Way Back Home"

    Bic Runga - "Good Morning Baby"

    Shades Apart - "Stranger by the Day"

    Bachelor Number One - "Summertime"

    Goldfinger - "Vintage Queen"

    Bic Runga - "Sway"

    Loose Nuts - "Wishen"

    The Atomic Fireballs - "Man with the Hex"

    Although they were featured in the movie, Third Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Life", Oleander's "I Walk Alone", Libra Presents Taylor's "Anomaly (Calling Your Name)" and Harvey Danger's "Flagpole Sitta" (heard during the first montage of the characters beginning their quests for dates) were not included on the soundtrack. Also not featured on the soundtrack is one of the last songs played - Barenaked Ladies' "One Week".

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    the unique song grew to develop into into by making use of Don McLean. The day the song died is conventional for this reason of actuality the day of the airplane crash which killed chum Holly, Richie Valens and "the extensive Bopper" J.P. Richardson who've been very time-venerated artist on the time. Checkout that unique song, i'm efficient you will like it better perfect than Madonna's version.

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    That's Blink 182...

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  • go to tap the beats into the space bar and voila

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    that's actually a song???

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