why are all PATRIOTS FAN'S SO DEFENSIVE? Yet when provoked with comment like this (Bill Bellichick is a cheater) they respond with comments like this "get a life" or "get over it"

The fact of the matter is sorry we can't get over it! This is not about a pawn on the field but a main coach the head coach, not a steriod or hgh issue but a serious issue that can not be resolved by money or fines! Dont fire him but suspend Belichick for one season!




IF HE WAS FINED 500,000 OR 750,000

that would be 20 to 25% of his yearly pay not counting all the bonuses and extra bonuses for winning the super bowl!

If you ask me that's not HEFTY!

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    I believe in my heart of hearts that real true football fans of the Patriots understand and accept the fact their team has done wrong. The problem is the Pats have 1 billion bandwagon fans that only root for them because their team is good. Once they start losing those fans will jump on another bandwagon. I'm mean they're just pitiful. It makes me want to puke.

  • 4 years ago

    Its more a matter i believe that everyone is ragging on them because of the whole video taping incident (which by the way gave them NO advantage this season).Next the Pats start making teams look like they just came out of highschool with the numbers they were putting up.People acuse them of running up the score.Im sorry i was un aware the nfl had implemented the 7 year old softball mercy rule.Perhaps rather then the Pats laying down after getting out to a huge lead why dont the opposing teams step up grow a set and try to stop them from scoring (just a wild and crazy idea i know but it could be worth a shot) Next all the BIG teams I.E. Dallas the Colts the Steelers who all have rather large fan bases talked alot of smack including some third string no body from the steelers guaranteing a win umm back to highschool for that moron but anyways when pats fans respond we are being hostile. Anyways what all the pat haters and pats supporters should do is watch the game tonight enjoy watching history in the making.Both the undefeated season of 17 games which has never been done as well as Brady taking the touchdown record away from that television comercial actor. Im not a bitter Pats fan just a damn proud one.Talk all the smack you want but the end result watch the game and see whose smiling when the final gun goes off.And if i hear one person say anything if the giants sit starters about how its not a true win etc i will know who is still in pampers. Enjoy the game and the Pats run to and through the superbowl.Can anyone say DYNASTY!!

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    Why are you shouting (typing in caps)?

    Why are you bringing up a subject that has been asked and answered countless times?

    Why are you clinging to an old bit of news that happened nearly 5 months ago?

    Why do you have such a problem with fans who are loyal to their team, and their coach?

    Don't get mad at us, we are not the NFL, the NFL made the decision to punish Belichick with a stiff fine, the team with a fine, and loss of first round draft pick. It is NOT the doing of the fans. It is not up to us, how someone withing the NFL is treated.

    If you are mad about it, write an email to the NFL, stop trying to stir up trouble, and stop insulting and demeaning the fans of other teams.

    Your broad statement "why are all PATRIOTS FANS SO DEFENSIVE?", is very a very aggressive and offensive statement, encompassing ALL fans into your statement is foolish and short sighted, not ALL are defensive.

    But, to answer your question about fans being defensive.. If you were under constant attack, by the fans of 31 other teams, 24/7 for the past 4.5 months, you'd be a bit defensive too.

    If we are defensive.. it's because you are OFFENSIVE.

    now go get a life.

    Go Patriots 16-0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (something your team will never be)

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    FACT: Bil Belichick was caught cheating, found guilty of cheating, and paid a HUGE fine for cheating. The Patriots also lost a draft pick as a result. Patriot "fans" don't have to like it, but you can't argue FACTS. Simple as that. Sorry.

    Oh and by the way..........to all you so called Patriot "fans" who aren't even from New England, you DO know that New England is a region of the country and not a state, right?

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    Provoking someone means to try and get a response from them, of course people are gonna defend their team.

    Dungy has thrown games numerous times by resting key players, yet he has not been punished at all. Why shouldnt he be given a lifetime ban from football? Throwing games is a serious offense.

  • 1 decade ago

    Look i can't stand the patriots but you really think the guy should be suspended for a year, that is ridiculous. I got tired of hearing how reat they were 8 weeks ago, but now the anti-patriot noise has gotten so loud I am tired of that too.

    Might wanna take a look at this


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  • 1 decade ago

    Sure and suspend Mangini for doing the same thing, and Dungy for pumping in sound. Take away Jimmie Johnson superbowls for admitting to using a video camera to steal signals as well.

    Take away Madden's title and other coaches wins for admitting to searching the oppossing teams locker room for pieces of paper with the gameplan.

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    your question is dumb,you are just angry because the patriots are winning,belichick was never the only coach that did that,the jets themselves were involved in a similar controversy years ago so you are not making any sense,they fined him and penalized him and the team,if it weren't the patrotis and if they weren't winning you wouldn't post this nonsense,I am not even a pats fan but this is ridicoulous.

  • Zach
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    1 decade ago

    Because most people that like the Pats don't no anything about football so they chose the team with the best record and cant back up why.

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    maybe they are bored of the question. do you really expect them to answer the same question seriously a thousand times? search bill belichick is a cheater and see how many times it comes up. maybe you should come up with something new.

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