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when is Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep comeing out in the US?

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    1 decade ago
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    Not sure yet, also be aware that no trailers for the games have been released yet.

    Games already out:

    1. Kingdom Hearts 1 for the Playstation 2

    2. Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix (Japan release only) for the Playstation 2

    3. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories for the Gameboy Advanced

    4. Kingdom Hearts 2 for the Playstation 2

    5. Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ and Remake of Chain of Memories (Japan release only currently, sold together) for the Playstation 2

    Games that Haven't Been released yet but have been talked about by Square to be released:

    1. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for the PSP

    2. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 for the Nintendo DS

    3. Kingdom Hearts Coded for the Cell Phone

    Games that have been talked about but are a very long way away from coming out:

    1. Kingdom Hearts 3 for (not sure yet)

    Here is all the information on the unknown games:

    Now before I start, when you refer to Kingdom Hearts 3, I suppose you mean the new game Birth By Sleep that will be coming out for the PSP. The characters in those games are the same characters from the secret ending. The names are Aqua, Ven, Terra, and the old man (officially Master Xehanort) and King Mickey.

    Kingdom Hearts 3, just for your information, has not been announced yet. Kingdom Hearts 3 will return to Sora, Riku, and Kairi's adventure after getting back to Destiny Islands and will start off where the KH2 ending left off. There is no information other than that regarding Kingdom Hearts 3. However, there are 3 new Kingdom Hearts games that are coming out for the PSP, Nintendo DS, and the Cell Phone (mobile). Kingdom Hearts 3 is estimated to come out in 2010 or so but this is a complete rumor, not to be trusted.

    There is no news yet on when the 3 new Kingdom Hearts games will be coming out. Please note that the trailers for the games were shown in a private room at one of the big video game conferences in Japan (I think it was the Tokyo Game Show). Anyways, once the trailers come out I think we will get an announcement shortly afterward.

    1. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep will be for the PSP and will deal with the characters from the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+. There names are Terra (older knight, looks more experienced in battle, and eyes glow at the ending of the secret ending), Aqua (blue haired girl), Ven(tus) (Roxas look alike), Master Xehanort (old man in the secret ending) and the heartless creature that Xehanort summoned. I believe all of these characters will play major roles and from what I have heard (still need to clarify) you will get to play as Terra and Ven although I haven't heard anything about Aqua. I hope Aqua is included as a major character in this game as well.

    2. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 will be for the Nintendo DS and will deal with Roxas's story of the year that he was alive for. This will include his birth into the real Twilight Town, him being taken into the Organization by Xemnas, making friends with Axel, visiting tons of worlds, deciding to leave the Organization, him being captured by Riku, and his imprisonment in the virtual Twilight Town created by DIZ.

    In this game, there will also be a fourteenth member of the Organization being introduced. The member is a female and could either be Aqua or her nobody, or it could be Namine or someone completely new but I doubt it is Namine or someone completely new. I believe the member is Aqua because Xemnas had Aqua's armor in his Room Of Sleep and called it "friend" during a Final Mix+ cutscene.

    The 358 days probably means the number of days that Roxas lived without knowing of Sora. As you may know, Sora was kept asleep for a year, and within the final week Roxas began to get Sora's memories in him. The divided by 2 may mean that Roxas and Sora are coming together to form as one.

    3. Kingdom Hearts Coded will be on the Cell Phone and will deal with King Mickey discovering a message after KH2 in Jiminy's Journal. This will prompt him to enter the digital worlds and for him to create a digital Sora. You will play as Sora going through the worlds to discover what the message means.

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ came out in Japan at the end of March of this year. There is still no official word on whether the game will come out internationally or just in Japan. I really hope it comes out in the USA because I have an interest in playing the game on its new critical mode.

    Two hundred and eighty fifth answer relating to Kingdom Hearts

    Source(s): has a lot more information and pictures of the games if you want to check it out
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    1 decade ago

    KINGDOM HEARTS CODED:heard they might bring it here in the u.s. but it is still considered exclusive for japan.

    KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 DAYS:expected in japan by SUMER 08 and we should get it by MID FALL 08.

    KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP:Japan should get it by VERY LATE FALL 08 and for u.s. we could see a SPRING 09 release.

    the reason why becuase go on

    and look for news from jump festa.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ive never heard of that but i love kingdom hearts

    is that gna be like kingdom hearts 3 or what

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think the release date has been announced yet, but here are two good sites for when it is: and

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  • 1 decade ago

    Japan only until further notice.

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  • no has an upcoming list of games...keep checking it periodically.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What is that!!

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