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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

Did you Know that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a Conservative?

He was Democrat, but he was Democratic in his political views not in his moral views he was a CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRAT....

Kennedy cut taxes and appointed Byron White to the U.S. Supreme Court, who consistently ruled with conservatives on social issues such as abortion and homosexuality.

Kennedy was pro-gun



anti-gay rights

pro-work ethic

anti-welfare programs


HE was a CONSERVATIVE and his views would line up more with a GOP candidate in today's terms. He was Catholic and believed in family values.


I am sick of the Obama supporters trying to compare the two, the ONLY comparison is they both attended Harvard. Abortion was not made legal until Roe v Wade 1973, Kennedy was already passed then. BUT, he was a huge fan of Martin Luther King, ANOTHER CONSERVATIVE...all of the Democrats are Liberals right now! It has been a long time since a decent Conservative Democrat. I wish people would learn the difference.

Update 2:

Jesse you are wrong about all that you said with the EXCEPTION of him being a Catholic, the Kennedys as a whole are a LARGE family, I don't think abortion fit in their family tree anywhere.

Update 3:

IF you voted on Presidents being faithful there would not be ONE of them, including Obama who has been! So the whole panty thing to me is insignificant. Sorry....

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Most Democrats of the past would be viewed as Republicans compared to today. However, JFK was a liberal. He was indeed playing around on his wife. I think her name was Maryland Monroe.

    About 9 months ago, I had a retired Senator from GA-D told me that he doesn't want to be associated with the democrats of today. And he did state because of their anti-Christian viewpoints as one reason.

    That should tell you just how sorry the democratic party is today. democrats of today, especially people like Hillary (who is just another Hanoi Fonda), act more like they belong to the communist party. "Funny" enough, the communist stated in either the '60's or '70's that they will destroy America with out ever firing the first shot. The democratic party has done their up most to proven them correct--if allowed to have their way!

    As for Martin Luther King, he wasn't as conservative as you think. In a 1961 article of Ebony magazine (sorry, I don't remember which month. I do wish I still had that magazine.), he was quoted proclaiming that there is more than one way to heaven. That alone makes him a liberal. You will never in your life time hear the NAACP make reference to that article. Yet, most of them proclaim to be Christian.

    One more thing about JFK: In President Eisenhower farewell address to the nation, he made comment about putting people into office that have little or no knowledge about our military. If you have never seen the video or read his statement in a book before, you need to whoever you are. He made the statement because Kennedy was only a Lt or LtCrder (0-3 or 0-4) in the Navy. What President Eisenhower was referring to then still applies to whoever we vote for today.

    When one considers the fact of what the Army Rangers went though because of Bill Clinton in the real Black Hawk Down (among other things that can be noted), it proves that President Eisenhower statement was anything but an opinion. That's the differences between a Five Star General and a dog.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I completely agree, John F. Kennedy was a conservative. And I completely agree that Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy are two completely different people. I don't understand why people choose to group them together.

    But, you must remember, that America was more conservative back then. As technology develops, and people become more intelligent, society has become more and more liberal, and rightly so.

    And while we're at it, Kennedy was a horrible president who invaded on the civil liberties of others, led an incredibly stupid invasion into Cuba, and killed many American's all to stop communism. He also helped Iraq purge their country of leftists, just like Hitler purged his country of Jews, and Stalin purged his country of dissenters.

    This man a great president? I think not.

    Obama like J.F.K.? I hope not.

    Source(s): Bay Of Pigs Invasion, Baathist Bloodbath in 1963, and other knowledge about kennedy.
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  • 1 decade ago

    No I did not, thanks.

    He appointed Arthur Goldberg to the U.S. Supreme Court, who argued that the Ninth Amendment supported the existence of an unenumerated right of privacy. He thought he death penalty was cruel and unusual punishment.

    voted for final passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1957

    "I do not speak for my Church on public matters — and the Church does not speak for me"

    "those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable"

    Kennedy created the Peace Corps.

    Limited military force in Vietnam

    Strongly considering pulling out of Vietnam after the 1964 election.

    Pushed for the adoption of a Limited or Partial Test Ban Treaty.

    Promised federal funding for education, medical care for the elderly, and government intervention to halt the recession.

    Promised an end to racial discrimination.

    John and Robert Kennedy's intervention secured the early release of King from jail.

    Kennedy intervened when Alabama Governor George Wallace blocked the doorway to the University of Alabama to stop two African American students.

    Kennedy proposed an immigration policy that dramatically shifted the source of immigration from Northern and Western European countries towards immigration from Latin America.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No he was just a real Democrat before the liberals like his brothers hijacked the party. the democratic party that your parents were proud of that was for the people is dead. the closest thing to that now is the Republican. Good call someone who thinks instead of blindly following.

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  • 1 decade ago

    That is really true. And believe it or not Richard Nixon was more liberal than JFK.

    I think every president understands that in politics you can't hold onto ideals if you want to stay in power.

    PS: Not all liberals are anti-what you stated above, and not all conservatives truly believe in them either. Look at Senator Craig and his anti-gay rhetoric and supposed family values.

    I vote dem because I am secular in my politics and pro gun control. I am pro-gun, but I believe in gun control too. Yes there is middle ground there! It's just silly common sense stuff that conservatives whine and want to draw lines about.

    If I may rant on, Conservatives are HUGE about drawing lines. They LOVE drawing lines. As if policy-debate were some sort of popularity constest. You're either with us or against us as the Dubbya loves to say.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hi S:

    Back then, he was thought to be about as radical as they come. I agree with your comments in light of the situation today, though. He was viewed with deep suspicion by the then "conservatives" for his religion, as there had never been a Catholic president.

    Funny how things change - the more they do the more they stay the same.

    Source(s): 10 pts, please! LOL
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  • 1 decade ago

    That was when Democrats stood for those things, now that they don't the old Democrats are now Republicans who have raised their children to have the same values. JFK was a ego maniac, and nearly caused world war III, go figure.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He also wanted to abolish the federal reserve - which makes him a hero to me! The Democratic party was taken over by the communists in 1968 - long after he was gone.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think that you would have seen his positions evolve into those held by his brother, Ted Kennedy.

    I also would like for you to remember that he faced major obstacles and bigotry as a Catholic.

    Oh, and his dad bought the election with money that was made illegally.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    And did you know that during their early years in the Senate, he and Nixon were close friends? Really.

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