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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceStudying Abroad · 1 decade ago

should i choose USA or Canada for study abroad!!?

ok so for ages i've been dead set on USA for study abroad because of the whole 'college life' thing. cheesy i know, but it sounds like a hoot!! eventhough i don't know many americans at all, the one or 2 i have met were really quite lovely. however, my parents are against USA because my sister went travelling there and didn't exactly have the best time. i have no doubt that my experience will be absolutely fantastic no matter where i go, but everyone i talk to says GO TO CANADA because the people are so lovely, scenery, etc etc (and most of them have actually been there). canada will also be a bit cheaper too, because of visa's and the preparation i have to go through to get it! (i live in australia) but i still like the idea of uni in america. is college in canada like the states? or is it not as upbeat? please help me choose where i should go, because i'm so confused!


ok the uni i'd go to in the states is purdue university (cos its recommended for my degree and allows me to get in the running for a scholarship lol - and it looks great fun), and for canada, the recommended one for my degree (education) and possible scholarship is brock university. however if i don't want to do the scholarship for the canadian uni's, then they're all one's so close to the US border anyway. over on the east side (near buffalo?)

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    Purdue is an excellent university and has a lot more international name recognition than does Brock. On the other hand it is principally known as an engineering school so if that is not your course of study then Purdue will not come quite so highly recommended. Neither is in a big city but both have pretty easy access to a big city (Chicago and Toronto). On the credit side for Canada is 1) as an Australian you will find things much more familiar and 2) there is not so much post-9/11 paranoia directed towards foreigners. So what it probably comes down to is that you will have an easier time at Brock, maybe a more interesting time and a more famous university's name on your degree at Purdue.

    Good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    I suggest coming here to Texas. Sure it's the USA but it's like a whole other country. I had a college friend who was from Australia that said he regretted ever moving away from Texas after school.

    You'd probably feel right at home here, Texans maybe proud gun totetin', give 'em hell attitude cowboys, but we're also known for our friendliness. Northeast USA folks can be a little rude and people on the west cost can seem a bit bipolar, but Texans are known for being level headed and we are known for our schools, especially in Engineering and Veterinary medicine at Texas A&M and Law and Medicine at University of Texas.

    We got some of the biggest cities in the country, and Austin, Tx is considered the "greenest" city in America. And we got some of the widest open spaces when you just got to get away.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I live in the US, but very near the Canadian border. Here's my comment: The people in Canada are lovely, much more polite and well behaved than US in general. If you are looking for a "hoot", choose the USA.

    In Canada people are much more polite, but the USA has much warmer climates to choose from.

    Wherever you choose, have a great time!

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  • 1 decade ago


    You will find everything on the websites below:

    For Canada:

    For Singapore

    For UK:

    For France:

    For USA

    For Germany

    For Netherlands

    For Australia:

    The above website are the websites of the respective governments to assist international students. Go to their offices only.

    For GMAT:

    For TOEFL:

    You can always do a MBA. Now keep one thing in mind. The country of the MBA program is really not that important as much as the accreditation. These three accreditations are very important - AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS.

    Which ever program you apply to, make sure it has at least one of these accreditations. Then you need not be worried about the programs recognition. Have a look at their websites and select programs listed there.

    AACSB -

    AMBA -

    EQUIS -

    All the best!

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  • 1 decade ago

    actually attending university in canada is very expensive. I say about 2x more expensive than the states. the tuition prices range depending on what you major in.

    i'd personally love to study in canada, but US also has some really good universities.

    and there are some nice people in the US obviously, lol, but each state is very very different in their personas.

    you should also look at other factors too, like life outside the university, campus life, culture, etc.

    it'll probably help in your choice. good luck

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  • Donna
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    USA will be better option for studying abroad.

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  • GoRun
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    1 decade ago

    well which colleges are you referring to. that plays a HUGE role, for US at least, i have no clue about canada.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it seems only americans are answering u, so i'm going to represent canada... ;)

    i don't know about the US, but in canada we have colleges and universities, and they're two very different things. university education is, well, academic, and college typically teaches the more practical side of things. colleges issue diplomas, universities issue degrees.

    there are a lot of excellent universities in canada to choose from, but u didn't say which program u're looking for, so i can't really point u in the right direction.

    i don't know why so many people noted america's warm climate when u're coming from australia... u'd think u'd be interested in seeing something different... aside from which, canada enjoys four seasons. i don't know why americans seem to fail to realize that they get more snow in buffalo than we do in toronto.

    canada is a massive country, with a relatively small population by comparison. much of the natural ecosystems here aren't only perfectly in tact, they're also protected, making it an amazing place to explore. it's a very open country, in terms of both society and the natural physical realm of things... a trip across canada is a must.

    i totally think that canadian attitudes are far more compatible with australians... and if u're looking for a good time, then seriously, a roadtrip across canada really is amazing. u can go to a kitchen party in cape breton, partying in montreal, site seeing in ottawa and niagra falls, shopping in toronto, u can enjoy the beautiful forrests of northern ontario (u NEED to go camping in ontario), i'd personally hate to live in the prairies, but they're more than lovely to pass through and visit... then u have alberta... there's the calgary stampede, their crazy weather because of their position in relation to the rockies, and banff, which is just gorgeos... on the other side of the rockies u have beautiful BC. i'm sure it's one of the most beautiful places on earth. u have the ocean, with the most amazing massive trees u could imagine, with mountains as the backdrop for all of it... it's really incredible.

    there are a lot of activities to do here during the summer, and the temperatures do get up into the 30's C... but definitely, winter sports are the best... u can go skiing, snowboarding, and no one can come here and not learn how to play hockey (on ice, naturally-- there's no other way)... even just a good old fashioned snowball fight is worth the flight to canada, hehe.

    compared to the US, canada is incredibly natural. i don't necessarily think canadians are friendlier than americans, but probably more polite. we're definitely softer spoken, more docile and modest, hehe (except when it comes to comparing ourselves to americans :p)... and, our education system here is definitely much better, as are our social systems. we're very lucky in canada to have a wonderful government... regardless of which party is ruling, and how many canadians love to complain about all the things wrong with our government, i'm sure ours is among the best in the world. our standard of living is very high here... in all my experiences traveling, i have never been to a country that has a higher standard of life than ours in canada. when i went to london i was in complete culture shock by the general standard of life there... i had less culture shock in the west bank! lol...

    overall, life in canada is very comfortable, very relaxed, and very enjoyable, and i highly recommend it, especially if u're looking for a good education. i think our universities are slightly more grown up than in the US... maybe that's not what u're looking for... but hey, if australians who have been here aren't enough to convince u, then maybe u won't accept my obvious bias either. ;)

    ...i didn't even mention anything about the cultural diversity here... meeting one canadian to the next, u'll be dealing with various cultures all living under one roof... and we actually maintain our roots here (hence the "roots" logo)... all canadians know where their families originated, and usually still practice the cultural traditions of the countries they originally came from. problems very very very rarely come up between people of different backgrounds in canada. people are very curious and interested in eachother, and accepting of every way of life. the entire nation prides itself on its openess and reputation as a peaceful and accepting country, with people and animals to reflect that.... still confused? :p hehe... come to canada.... most of us live close to the american border anyway, and it's usually easy to get into the US from here-- so u can come here to study, and go there to visit and be grateful for the decision u made when u come back to canada again. :-D

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i like to be america you can go to places like florida california or hawaii. in canada its umm cold.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    u better choose india

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