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大陸這幾年經濟改革~~為了吸引投資有了許多優惠措施還有廣大的廉價勞工。 中國有這樣的條件,所以大家才會想去那裡投資, 如今中國優勢漸漸不再,企業自然而然又未另覓他處,尋求發展,這是很自然的現象。

Mainland China’s economic reform made during these years---- various favorable measures plus cheap labor market open to the world investing there.

China has a condition, so you will want to invest there, and now China is no longer advantages gradually, enterprises naturally is not yet find him, the pursuit of development, this is a very natural phenomenon


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    Mainland China is having economy revolution during these years---various favorable policy plus cheap labor market cause the world investment favor there.

    China has above advantage, so people want to invest there. But now China is losing its advantages gradually. It is natural that enterprises look for new place in order to seek for new development.

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    閣下的中翻英有點翻得太直接了。 anyhow, here are some suggestions for you:

    Mainland China's economic reform 改成 The economic reform(made during these years) in mainland China

    China has a condition 改成 For this feature in China, everyone wants to invest there. Nowadays,the economic advantage is fading out. This is a very natural phenomenon for enterprises finding elsewhere to invest.


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    超級比價王ㄉ回覆很正確 只有一處可能可以稍為修飾一下


    It is natural that enterprises now is looking for new place in order to seek for better development.

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    In order to encourage overseas investment in Mainland China for its cheap labor, the official had applied many favorable measures in the past few years. However, when things changed and the benefit is no longer exist for those investors. Under such condition, they wil seek else where to develope their business and which is a natural phonomenon in the world of business.

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