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英文翻譯 ”工作所”

網頁有些部分需要 公司名的標題

像一般 XXX股份有限公司 大都是寫成 XXX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.

可是對方只是一間工作所 類似 鐵研磨加工廠

例如叫XXX工作所 那該怎樣 翻譯比較洽當呢?


再請教關於 shop, Plant, factory


不同在哪裡 是否只差別餘規模的大小呢?


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    XXX Workshop

    2008-01-11 11:48:44 補充:

    Yes, you are right. Plant and factory are for big size buildings and heavy duty machines.

    Shop and Workshop are for samller work places and lighter works. Since "workshop" is about manufacturing, not like store (shop), I suggest use "workshop".

    Source(s): I worked for Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA (State of Massachusetts) for 14 years
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    If the main jobs at that shop is on metal, you can say XXX metal shop. However, it also depends on that place because they can call themselves XXX Co. Ltd.

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    可以用 "SHOP"

    意思本是指店 但在這裡是指"工作的場地"


    用"PLANT"的話 也許不太合適

    是因為一般 plant 是指大工廠

    (不過 我不清楚你所說的加工廠有多大)


    Source(s): Moi.. hubby's a welder and always works inside the shops!!
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