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American aid for currency support, although promised late in 1940, was not actually available until August 18, 1941, about three and a half months before Pearl Harbor. Then the American-British-Chinese program provided the equivalent of nearly US$100million, an adequate amount. But the American Treasury insisted upon an experiment with exchange control despite warnings that it could not work well. The result was to aggravate China’s inflation; to bring costs that were far higher than under the policy of supporting the currency in the free market; and to create a system of inflexible and overvalued exchange rates. That system greatly increased what the American army had to pay to get Chinese currency during the Pacific War, and led to serious Chinese-American friction.

Moreover, the working of the system of exchange control depended upon freezing Chinese assets abroad. That, in practice, could not have been done without at the same time freezing Japanese assets. When Chinese and Japanese assets were frozen almost simultaneously by the United States, Britain and The Netherlands, about the end of July 1941, the nature of the action was not lost upon Japan. The Japanese militarists had already decided upon the southward advance, come what may, but the joint freezing may well have promoted the decision to attack the three nations all at once on December7/8, instead of a piecemeal

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    ****美國援助為貨幣支持, 1940 年雖然許諾晚了, 實際上不是可利用的直到18 日, 1941 年, 大約三日和8月一半幾個月在珍珠港之前。然後美國英國中國節目幾乎提供了US$100million 等值, 充分數額。但美國財寶堅持了在一個實驗以交換控制儘管它不能運作很好的警告。結果將加重中國的通貨膨脹; 帶來高級比根據支持貨幣政策在自由市場上的費用; 並且創造堅定和被估價過高的交換率系統。那個系統很大地增加了什麼美國軍隊必須支付得到中國貨幣在太平洋戰爭期間, 並且導致了嚴肅的中國美國摩擦。

    而且, 交換控制系統的工作取決於凍結中國財產海外。那, 實踐上, 不能同時做了沒有凍結日本財產。當中國和日本財產由美國幾乎同時凍結了、不列顛和荷蘭, 關於底1941 年7月, 行動的本質未丟失在日本。日本軍事專家已經決定在向南前進, 不管怎樣, 但聯接結冰也許湧出促進決定同時攻擊三個國家在December7/8, 代替分塊

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