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invitation wording oppS! ?

so i think i messed up.. i worded my invitations

Mr. John and Carole Smith

and Mr James and Jill Williams

i didn't but anytthing in front of the mom's names...will anyone noticed?


i wanted to include the mothers names. and i can't reprint now. it is to late.

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    I didn't even notice until you pointed it out. And after that it even took a sec.

    I wouldn't worry about it at all. It still looks fine. Probably no one will notice, and if they do, they probably won't care. If they do care. . . they are crazy and need to get over it! =)

    Congrats and good luck with everything!

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    I dont think it is a big issue. Don't stress about it. Nothing can be done now. I wouldnt think it was weird i I received that invite, I would think it was on purpose. I included the mothers name. I thought it would be nice. Mine was hard as my parents are married but they have different last names so my invites looked weird. No one said anything.

    All the best and enjoy you upcoming wedding!

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    I noticed, but simply because right before I read their names you said you messed up, so I was looking for an error.

    But it's done now, if you can't reprint them, I honestly wouldn't worry about it. I doubt anyone will notice, and if they do, I doubt they'll say anything. AND...if they say something...that's rude.

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    i had to look again even after you said your mistake, I thought the original mistake was that you included the mothers' names, you should have just wrote Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

    and Mr. and Mrs. James Williams.

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    well it does look a bit odd but many people won't notice. its only because u pointed it out. how much is a reprint? if you made your own invites you could fix this easily and relatively cheaply.

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    I agree with Flutter and Julie, I couldnt figure out what was wrong even after you told us. I had to really LOOK at it and concentrate.

    Dont sweat it!

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    they might but you could always say they printer messed up and you didnt have time to change it or it cost to much to do this . good luck

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