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Great America CA and IL?

Has anyone ever been to both Great America in California and the one in IL?

Im wondering if you have been to great america in IL recently and then if you have been to the one in CA sometime in like the mid 90's?

If you have, i was wondering if IL now is more like CA back in the 90's. i have gone to the one in CA for like 15 years and i miss how it used to be and i wanted to know if IL is anything like how CA used to be.

Dont answer this question by insulting the asker either. Im asking this because i may want to check out the Great America in IL.

thank you!

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    Very interesting question.

    IL now tends to look less and less like the one in CA because they're owned by different people. Waay back when they were both owned by Marriott, they were quite similar.

    On the plus side the entrance area with the long reflecting pool and the beautiful double decker carousel remains the same. That should help bring back some memories. If you stay in that area, you're set!

    Unfortunately, after that point, they begin to diverge and things are quite different.

    The park in Gurnee IL belongs to Six Flags now and has thrill ride after thrill ride. Though the Whizzer's still there.

    The park in California is now part of Cedar Fair (who owns Cedar Point) and is a little more show oriented. Their rides, while very good are in general a little more tamer than the ones in IL.

    For example, on inverted coasters, IL has Batman which is a very fast and thrilling ride. In CA, they have Top Gun (now Flightdeck) which is also inverted, but paced a bit slower with a bit more time between elements.

    Anyways, hope I helped answer your question.

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    I live in IL, about 30 minutes from Great America actually. The Great America out here is great, they have a new waterpark there and also right near by is a hotel with an indoor waterpark. I havent been to Great America in a couple years but the last time I was there is was very updated and a lot of fun.

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    Never heard of this before but you sparked my curiosity so i checked out the websites lookes like fun but the one in IL said it was six flags now!!

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