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how do i make my but bigger?

i need some type of excircises or something plez help

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    spReez what do u mean why would she want a big butt?

    big butts r the hottest things ever created

    small butts r yuck

    building muscle in any area on the body will make the area bigger

    the gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body

    there are 3 "key" exercises for building the butt/thighs

    they are: squats, lunges and deadlifts

    (u will need a barbell for these 3 exercises, so i would suggest u buy one or go to the gym (if u do buy one make sure u buy some plates because although the barbell may come with some already, u will need to keep increasing the weight as u get stronger/bigger)

    (with each exercise do 3 set of 12 reps = 36 reps alltogether, have a 1 minute break between each set)

    (with each exercise start with alight weight and get heavier when u feel ready)


    stand up and put the barbell on ur back, behind ur neck, bend down as far as u can go and stand back up ( watch ur knees the whole time,u want to try to make sure ur knees dont go over ur feet) also sticking ur butt far back helps because ur knees are less likely to go over ur feet

    squats will work your thighs mostly, also the wider your stance the more it will work the inner thighs/ the narrow stance works more the outer thighs


    lunges will really work your glutes (butt) and thighs

    put the barbell in the same place as u would for squats

    put one leg in front and put it flat on the floor

    put the other leg a few feet behind but put it on top of something off of the ground (eg. a chair)

    now bend down and push up with the front leg

    after completing the 3 sets switch legs

    (make sure the knee doesn't go over the foot)


    start with the barbell on the floor

    bend down (like a squat) and grab the barbell, then stand up bringing the barbell with u, u will want to keep it close to u as u stand up, u might like to let it touch your legs as u stand up

    eating: u need to eat big for the muscles to grow, make sure u eat lots of protein ehich can be found in fish, meats, milk etc

    or u might like to buy protein bars

    protein can also be found in most mcdonalds foods, and while it is important to not eat too much fatty food while weightlifting, some is important so eat some burgers n pizzas aswell as fruits

    also, here is an article u might be interested in

    and here is a video of what is possible to achieve

    Youtube thumbnail


    and another

    Youtube thumbnail

    wow that was a long answer, maybe my most informative yahoo answer lol so u'd better hurry up n pick me as best answer!!

    edit: other answers won't work

    stair machine or just climb stairs or exercise without weights will make it smaller

    chocolate and fatty foods will make it bigger but it will be fat not muscle and the fat will go allover ur body not just one place

    also only do the exercises once a week, maybe twice if ur not sore

    the muscles take a long time to repair/grow

    doing it daily would make ur butt smaller because u would be breaking down muscle not building

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    Doing squats and lunges while holding hand weights will make your glutes (butt muscles) larger which will enhance the fullness and roundness of your bottom. Work up to 3 sets of 12 on each leg everyday.

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    I don't know any exercises or anything for you to do, but I saw on Oprah how you can dress and make your butt look bigger if it is small. Wear jeans with button pockets. The bulkier the fabric is on your butt the bigger your butt will look. You can also wear jeans with sequins on your pocket.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Oprah.
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    get in the dog position and 1st swing your left knee up and down ....make knee cap reach as close to your chest and swing bak keep your leg in a kneeling position .....knee in knee out then switch...also u can get a bit fat and loose weight and keep the but fat email 4 more details...jonathan_mm13

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    yes def. walking stairs it doesn't really make it bigger just perkier if that's the right word for it lol it makes it firm & nice so it gives it the look of looking bigger

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    stair machine or just climb stairs. Works everytime....your porportion will change so expect a slight change in thighs also.

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    a nice fat cheeseburger 3 times a day will do the trick, but uhh ...not only for your butt, sorry..

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    well exersize makes your but smaller !!! eat chocolate!

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    key question. all girls need to have the answer to this =)

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