AKO Access?

Once you ETS from the army, do you still have access to all of your files via AKO Webmail? If so for how long, and can you access everything like OMPF, documents, awards and such?

Any answers realted to this would be awesome. My husband is ETS'ing and wondering how long he will be able to access this information. I do know that he won't have CAC access.

Anyone who knows something about this / been in this position or any information would be great!



8 years as in IRR, what if you have 8 years in already?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm currently in the IRR. I ETS'ed early last year, and at the moment still have access to AKO, although not to myPay or several other areas of the site. I'm not sure whether your eligibility to keep using/accessing AKO ends after your 8-year obligation or not, however. My suggestion would be to call the AKO Helpdesk.

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  • DOOM
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    1 decade ago

    The last I heard was that you have access to it until your 8 years are up.

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