Why then do many men find vibrators threatening?

We've been accused of jealousy about your palms. So why don't men like us girls to have our own fun with a little help. Not all, but most seem to find it very intimidating

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    1 decade ago
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    OH YES! May I suggest to some budding genius, that if you can produce a ladies fun toy,capable of paying for the drinks? SSSSSHHHHHHH. ( just come and sit in the corner with us, it,s the same every night, Daay>>>vid, Where have you put my BATTERIES you little Turd?? ) See? What chance does a decent pr+ck have these days! What? Cross my palm with Silver? "Boll+++S!!!!!

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    Here Here jenny.

    At the end of the day every one is different some people like it to be a private thing some like to join in and some like to watch , as long as both you and your partner are ok with what ever your doing then there is no problem, any way 50 - 100 years ago sex was a taboo now people are more liberated.

    Heres to all things that rub and buzzzzzzzzz lol

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    Not intimidated here! Never heard of a girl being jealous of the palm, though. That's funny...there's really no comparison. Unless you're...well, never mind.

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    Me and my partner have no problem at all with mutual masturbation. Marvelous. But yeah if he came home from work and i said i'd got horny and used my toys without him i think he'd be pretty miffed that i didn't wait for him to come home i.e that i didn't need him there at the same time for me to be pleasured.

    I think it's an insecurity thing. If your using the toys together and both getting pleasure from it it's a lot different than them knowing you did it alone, thinking of god knows who?!

    Source(s): Personal experience
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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm all for the toy thingy as long as a women keeps her lover pleased to the max .

    she should have pleasure when she is alone if need be .

    Keep herself happy and play play till you cant play no more ,

    Just make sure when he gets there that there is some boy toy time for him

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    I only find them intimidating when they are 14" plus long and as big around as a base ball bat! And it also bothers me a little then they have outboard boat motors attached to them!

  • 1 decade ago

    Well to my knowledge men like to watch their women w/ vibrators or just masturbating...I've never heard of one saying they didn't. I've heard it's a complete turn on. Where do u find ur men?

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    My ex didn't even like me masturbating. I think he thought I should ONLY want him to please me. He wouldn't even accept it as part of lovemaking, and would regularly move my hand to his own privates instead. When I eventually did buy a small, cheap vibrator, he insisted I use it on him. He was a very selfish lover!

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    1 decade ago

    Because women stuff mens heads up by taking thigs to far

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    Many women view masturbation as a completely different experience than partner sex. A woman considers jilling off... her own ability to give herself pleasure, an escape from her stressful day, a kind of meditation, a chance to explore and enjoy her own body without feeling obligated to look/act sexy, a chance to get herself off without having to worry about getting someone else off too.

    My understanding is that most men see masturbation as a substitute for partner sex; since it's just not practical or possible for them to have sex every time they are horny. It's the most easily available and convenient way to scratch an itch.

    So, with that HUGE difference of ideologies in mind...

    Here's a list of some of the possible reasons that men feel threatened by vibrators/sex toys; perceived from my own experience and through talking to my clients (I am the senior product specialist of a sex toy retail site).....

    1. He's insecure about if the vibe is better/more efficient at getting you off than he is.

    2. He's jealous about you getting pleasure from something other than him; like you're cheating or that the vibes is an uninvited guest in your relationship.

    3. He's jealous that it's socially acceptable for you to have a sex toy, but it's seen as weird if he has one (and thus is stuck with his hand).

    4. He feels the toy will replace him in some way; that you might favor using it over having sex with him and eventually stop having sex with him.

    5. He feels a general sense of competition with the toy.

    6. He doesn't like the non-human element; it's a machine/object and that creeps him out.

    7. He feels that your expectations of his performance in bed will go up as a result of using the vibe; and that he won't live up to them.

    8. If it's even mildly realistic looking (or, in some cases, a penetrative vibrator of any kind), he's thinking about the fact it might be bigger than him.

    9. If he has erectile dysfunction, he might be feeling especially insecure... like you've lost faith in his ability to get or maintain an erection for sex.

    10. If you are one of the many women who just don't get off from regular intercourse, but get orgasms from vibrators designed for your body and pleasure... he feels like your orgasms are this secret you've been keeping from him, something your sharing with an object but not him.

    Upset, competitive, angry, insecure; all these emotions are wrapped up in the general idea of what if means to feel "threatened".

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