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Making Pom Pom Pillow Shams - Craft Pattern?

My Grandma used to make Pom Pom pillows with a homemade board that had nails on it. She just twisted yard around the nails somehow to make the pillows. No one can find this board and unfortunately Grandma died several year ago. I used to love her pom pom pillows (which no one in the family can now find) and I'd love to make some for my daughter. Does anyone know of a pattern or of some way to lock together several 1" pom poms to make a 20" square pillow? There's a pillow for sale right now marked "vintage" pom pom pillow...but I'd prefer to make my own. Thanks in advance for any help!


I mean the pillow is for sale on Ebay....sorry I type faster than my brain can think!

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    Used to do this when I was younger! We had same kind of board. Board was about 15" long and had a nail on eack end. You wrapped about 30 or so rounds around the nails, depending on how big you wanted the pom poms. Every 2 inches you would tie yarn around rounds of yarn, very tight, then cut rounds half way in between. Fluff cut pieces into round balls. Leave enough of a tail (s) on the ties to pull through material.

    Hope this helps!

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    definite, 2 cardboard rings, wind the around interior the direction of the hollow, then whilst the hollow is done, decrease around the outer side and tie it in between the two cardboard rings, pull off the cardboard and fluff it up right into a ball. Failing that, purchase a Scandinavian type iciness hat from Pound Land for £a million and shrink off the three pom poms, possibly artwork out greater least high priced!

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