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Are fat women better in bed?

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Best Answer
Well this fat woman has never had any complaints.

The reasons that most people say this are:
Fat women offer more skin and softness
Fat women are less hung up on how they appear naked [they know they are fat, so what?] and thus more likely to enjoy the experience without fixating on their appearance.
Fat women enjoy sensuality more in all its forms
Because they have learned that they have more to offer than just a hot body fat women are often much more giving and caring than women who are fixated only on having a hot body.
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  • alina : answered 7 years ago
    i don't think so because they have less flexibility but making love isn't only about how fat someone is, is more about feelings and if you are in love with that person, then you can have great moments in bet,
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  • Dokuro-chan answered 7 years ago
    *hands darrellwefel a bag of flour* You tell me. Yuck...
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  • Panies answered 7 years ago
    you should know.
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  • are fat women better in bed?
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