Can swollen lymph nodes in neck cause feeling of shortness of breath?

Can swollen lymph nodes in neck cause feeling of shortness of breath


dr thinks ii have a sinus infection..but going to ent tomorrow cause of fluid in ears

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    No, I had one in my neck for a few years.

    However it means there is some a bit more serious going on in the body.

    Lymph nodes often swell in response to infection or disease.

    You may or may not feel pain with the swelling. I didn't...My doctors found that odd but it was obvious something was wrong with a huge lump in my neck.

    I suggest going to see a doctor ASAP.

    I was given just about every test under the sun. I was hospitalized for 3 weeks for these tests & a biopsy (thought I had Lymphoma)

    I have chronic rhinitis, which turned in a sinus infection & had MRSA. (Before it was known as the "Superbug", which landed me the ticket to the hospital).

    The MRSA was so bad it was eatting at fatty tissue in my body. I had to be given IV antibiotics because previous attempts with oral ABs didn't work.

    Numerous conditions and infections can cause swollen lymph nodes including:

    Common cold






    Hodgkin's disease





    Secondary syphilis


    Cat scratch fever

    Lymphatic obstruction

    Causes of swollen neck glands include:

    Common cold

    Upper respiratory infection


    Sore throat

    Strep throat

    Viral infection

    Bacterial infection

    Sinus infection

    Ear infection

    Skin infection

    Dental conditions



    Hodgkin's disease

    Source(s): CPh.T Best of Luck...hopefully it is just a sinus infection
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    Swollen lymph glands in the neck mean you're sick, and yes, it can cause any number of symptoms. So, do you have a high fever, or a fever? If so, you should really call your doctor as soon as you can and get in to see the doc. It's important!

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    No. The lymph nodes are there to catch infection. Your shortness of breath could be caused by the infection that is causing the lymph nodes to swell and hurt.

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