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I really need help with choosing pictures to hang on my wall. Could someone at least try to help me, please?

My walls are being painted "cherry divine", which is a bright, almost bold red-pink color, I am also adding a lot of white to my room to balance it out, and I am working to make my bedroom look elegant and beautiful, regal almost, and I am currently choosing pictures to frame and hang on my walls. I am planning on getting a lot of pictures printed out al for pickup, in a traditional photo-style, not paper printed off the pc. I am only going to choose a few frames and alternate pictures every once in a while for some change, so don't be afraid to request a lot of things. I already have some(drool <3) photos of Gaspard Ulliel, some flower photos, and a sunset. If you can think of anything that would look nice in a frame and against the color of my walls, I would love some suggestions. (I am looking for photos that seem professional.) Also, some links if you know of any particularly nice pictures (links to deviantart, photobucket, istock, etc.) would help. Thanks very much! <3


P.S. I posted this already, but no one seems to care about helping a little? So I guess I have to keep posting it until someone sees this and decided to reccomend something, because I have about one or two days to choose some pictures.

Update 2:

thanks so much guys, this really helped me a lot! -^__^-

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    Your color choice is one of my favorites. It's not red or pink, exactly.

    For pictures have you thaught of a:

    Green forest


    Autumn leaves with a scenery

    A portrait of someone who inspires you


    Desert sand/wind

    Inspiring poems by famous poets!!!!

    A portrait of the kennedy's

    Sceneries in different states, countries etc.

    Sedona Arizona has some beautiful scenery!

    Pictures of another era, culture, with either a person or people doing something.

    The oceans underneath?


    Children playing

    A new york skyline

    The eifle tower? In paris.

    Londons courtyard

    Castles in scotland or otherwise

    Pictures of the remains in greece


    Zen-like photos: Fire, water, wood, metal and earth elements.

    Music notes, a guitar, piano, harp, or singer.

    A mystical scene; like fairies, angels, solar system, sun, planet, space etc.

    How about simple pictures like a picture of a vase, tree, plate, fruit, home, a picture of every season of the year, a beautiful fabric from india, moracco etc., fashion designs of different designers like coco chanel, Versace etc. or a picture of candles lit.

    Black and white photos of happy times in your life. When it comes to these kinds of photos, they look better in black and white ( with black frames).

    Or you could do black and white of anything else, especially the people photos of others doing something simple in their everyday life, like waiting for the subway or having a cocktail drink etc.

    Picture paintings of your favorite artists: try pablo picasso, monet, Georgia O'keefe, Van Gogh etc.

    As far as, devian art (which is a great site), photobucket, istock and flicker; you would have to look because their are so many nice pictures on these sites, and it's truly about what captures your eye not mine.

    I like your idea, but definitely get alot of pictures because our moods change as we change daily. This will help you from having to repaint the wall.

    Go crazy with color, and don't be afraid to use pictures you think might not match. Mixing and matching are great ways to decorate. This is what can make a statement. It's important to love what you frame. I couldn't look at a picture I didn't like on a daily basis, just because it matches the scheme I'm working on.

    I've gone to elegant homes and have noticed artwork or pictures from everywhere, or anything that suits their whim.

    I would also consider getting more frames, just in case you feel the need for more.

    How about 6 to 9 frames on one wall or 4. You could put 2 on each wall also.

    Get some frames in gold, silver, black and wood (maybe the antique wood look).

    Frames can get expensive. If you can't afford to buy such gold frames etc. Then spray them with a good gold/silver metallic color, a glossy or matte black. The wood color might be hard to pull off. This is what I do. If you want them glossier, get a clear gloss spray.

    Place the frames on paper and just spray and let dry. It's so easy. Or go to a goodwill or salvation store, and you just might find some good wooden frames for less than half the price! I have found frames from pottery barn in these places for $3 dollars.

    You can try different sizes together or same sizes. It doesn't have to be perfect. Go through some pages in the architectural digest magazine, and you'll notice how some elegant homes have different sizes shapes, pictures etc.

    If your looking for a theme, then that's different. For ex: if you want a nature theme at first, then frame just those scenes. If you feel like you need a pick me up, then choose pictures of happy colorful times, places etc. Find pictures of every color in a flower: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black etc. Frame each flower and you've got color!

    Why don't you get some stencils in a variation of different styles, or pick your favorite and stencil either the bottom or top part of you walls, all around or maybe on the wall behind your bed. Circles within sqaures, squares with in circles, lines within lines, the half moon with sun, same colored flowers in a line. You can get stencils at a craft store.

    Try going to a half price/used book store and buy some books on clearance, that have some pictures you like and get them copied. I do this. The other day I found a book for $1, called "Shakespears Flowers". I'm going to frame some.

    You could go to a hobby lobby store and add some metal cast iron objects on your wall. Some are made for outside, but they look elegant inside. I've baught some cast iron candle holders for the wall and a very large detailed cast iron cross.

    I too am also repainting, but I'm doing one wall red in the living room and a stone brick color on the rest. In my room, I've always used so much color, but now I'm going all pure white with green as primary, blue on botton red on top and a lavendar line, on the wall behind my bed. Well, maybe I shouldn't use the blue. I baught some pink satin sheets, and I'm going to use a white feather down comforter and brown comforter with pink and red pillow cases in feather down pillows. Maybe with a touch of my two yellow pillow cases with flowers on them. I basicallly, want my bed as the focal point, it's where I sleep. The other room I use for my cloths etc.

    Once you have your collections together, don't stop collecting. Whenever your in the mood or find a nice picture in a magazine, book etc. tear it out or go get it printed. As we change, so does our environment. I can't imagine living in a home for 10 years with the same old colors and pictures. That can be quite stale!

    You could also purchase a big binder, and those plastic protector sheets, where you can insert all your photos to keep them organized and labeled. So when you want to change the mood, just go to the binder. You can do this with paint chips, fabric too, or ideas you get from magazines. I working on this now. For the larger photos, go to a craft store and see what they have to protect them.

    Well I hoped my suggestions helped.


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    I would pick a theme -- even if you have several themes to switch from one to another from time to time -- such as Chinese watercolors, Rennaissance art or prints of paintings by artists of the same era, artistic photographs (especially black and whites -- striking with the red and white). I hope that steers you in a clearer direction.

    Also... think about other art pieces you could hang on the wall, such as iron or wood sculpture, candles, mirrors, floating shelves. Just make sure everything is arranged in groupings, orderly (even if ordered in 'disorder'), so it's a calming arrangement for the bedroom (and not so cluttered-feeling). And it's nice to vary the sizes of the frames and prints -- I especially love large matting for a smaller print.

    Check this out for ideas in addition to the prints -- you may want to use a decorative mirror over a dresser or the headboard:

    And check this out for ideas:

    Even how they show the lady portrait sketches is an interesting idea. You might find something and run with it like that -- maybe it'd be more fashion oriented or from the 20s or 50s or 70s.

    The bright red color sounds beautiful (I love that combo, too). Just make sure it's balanced enough so that the palette is soothing enough for a room for R&R. Have fun!

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    My advice is with that color scheme, I would take a large enough paint sample with me to the store and hold it up to the pictures you like. See if it would look good on the wall. You don't want flowers, sunsets...ect all mixed together. Pick one theme and carry it throughout. For elegant, beautiful, regal I would visiting JcPenney's website and looking at the following items:

    ** 20-30-40" Wall Shelves (available in 3 finishes)

    ** Pair of Chinese Watercolor Paintings

    ** New! Victorian Tapestry

    ** Wall Grille and Sconce Set

    These are just some of the ideas I looked at when I read your description. All of the above items are found under Home furnishings, you can just search for the title for the specific ones mentioned. I bet you can find several things to fit your taste and budget.

    good Luck.

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    I think people are intimidated to answer your question because you all ready seem to know what you want. My advice would be to "keep it simple." I have a red and white hallway and only have 2 pictures hanging. It keeps everything simple and clutter free. I love the color of my walls, so why cover it up with distracting pictures. A few tasteful, carefully placed pictures speak volumes over tons and tons of pictures all over the walls.

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    If you are planning to start on your woodworking project, this isn't something you should use, it's something that you would be insane not to. Go here

    Truth is, I've been a carpenter for almost 36 years, and I haven't found anything like this for less than 10's of thousands of dollars.

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    I think black and white photos in black frames would look beautiful against the wall color you are describing. go to and browse through some of the galleries....i have decorated most of my house with prints from that site!

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    I think tyou should have a floral picture.Pink and whitle with a gold frame.I think this will look really well balance out instead of pink and white.Add a little gold once in a while.Trust me iy will make a differance.

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    Source(s): Woodworking Projects
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    We change our pictures to go with each season. This way we never get tired of our pictures.

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    i find that if u have red and white room then pictures with brown in matches =]

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