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Was Roy Orbison blind??

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    Two misconceptions about Orbison's appearance continue to surface: that he was an albino, and that he wore his trademark dark glasses because he was blind or nearly so. Neither is correct, though his poor vision required him to wear thick corrective lenses. From childhood he suffered from a combination of hyperopia, severe astigmatism, anisometropia, and strabismus.Orbison's trademark sunglasses were a fashion statement arising from an incident early in his career. Orbison had left his regular glasses in an airplane. Due to go onstage in a few minutes and unable to see without corrective lenses, his only other pair of glasses were dark prescription sunglasses. "I had to see to get onstage", so he wore the glasses throughout his tour of England with the Beatles in 1963, and he continued the practice for the remainder of his professional career. "I'll just do this and look cool." However, Orbison once said in an interview that he wore his glasses on a plane because the sun was bright and forgot he was wearing them, especially while on stage. Shortly after he finished performing, he looked in the mirror and noticed he had not taken his glasses off, so he laughed about it and continued to wear them for the rest of his career.

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    Was Roy Orbison Blind

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    Was Roy Orbison blind??

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    Roy Orbison was not blind nor was he an albino. See the website below for some actual facts.

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    I don't think so! But he had a good sound! I thought the guitar star esteban was blind wearing glasses all the time. I learned recently that he was in an accident and it caused eye damage!

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    No he wasn't blind. He just wore sunglasses.

    Go to the following website:

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    No. One night, he forgot his glasses on the touring bus so he only had his prescription sunglasses to wear. He went out on stage and it instantly became his "look."


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    i thought he was toatly blind with the traveling willburrys

    Source(s): my opinion since the traveling willburies the late 80s
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