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Was 'Dirty old town' an Irish song?

Apparently it as song about somewere in England by an Englishman of Scottish desent. But did he write in an Irish style or is it in an English folk style?


I see, I guess it's an English folk song, which is more commonely known as an Irish song. It's probably better sung by the Pouges or Dubliners.

Thanks people

(it's not a scottish folk song silver rose)

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    Dirty Old Town

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    "Dirty Old Town" is a song written by Ewan MacColl in 1949, and made popular by The Dubliners.

    The song was written in reference to Salford, Lancashire, England, the town where MacColl was brought up. Salford is, in fact, a city. When MacColl (real name Jimmie Miller) first wrote the song, the local council were unhappy at having Salford called a dirty old town and, after considerable criticism, the words of the song were changed from "smelled a Spring on the Salford wind" to "smelled a spring on the smoky wind". The Spinners made the first popular recording of the song and they sang "Salford wind". This was hardly surprising as the lead singer on the track was Mick Groves, a Salfordian. It was originally composed for an interlude to cover an awkward scene change in MacColl's Salford-set, 1949 play Landscape with Chimneys, but with the growing popularity of folk music the song became a standard.

    The song paints an evocative yet ultimately bitter picture of industrial Northern England, and presages to some extent the Angry Young Man school of the 1950s.

    Because of the song's association with The Dubliners and The Pogues, most people tend to think of it as an Irish song, indeed, in Ireland the lyrics are popularly thought to refer to Dublin. Many people, even in England, are surprised to hear that the song was written by a Lancastrian of Scottish descent.

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    TJ- it's dirty but so much fun to party at.

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    It's about Liverpool. Cilla Black sings it.

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    That would be 'Scottish Folk'.

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