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Can you take a bath during your period?

why or why not?

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    Of course you can, you'll be more comfortable and you need to keep clean.

    Don't bother with a tampon if you don't usually, just have a good wipe round with loo paper before you get in. You're more likely to spot on the towel when you get out, so be careful. An old wash cloth is handy.

    Don't worry, you won't end up sitting in a pool of blood and if you've got cramps, a nice warm bath is heaven.

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    Well, why not? Just take care that you bath in your third day or later because the second day is actually the most important day due to the fact that this is the day the ovum is released and obviously if you bath in the first day your period may completely stop for the whole month or come again the following days or weeks and this is because the blood pressure is not as strong and is easily stopped. By experience I would tell you that the best day to bath is the third because the blood pressure is still somewhat strong and the ovum has already been released.

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    Can you take a bath during your period?

    why or why not?

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    Of course you can. When you get in the bath your period sort of stops until you get out again. Unless, if you are used to wearing tampons you could put one of them in before you get in

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  • Yeah. I do it all the time; it really helps with cramps. Despite what other commenters have said, you don't need to wear a tampon in the tub. The water pressure stops the flow of your blood, so your bath water won't get gross or anything πŸ‘

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    when i first got my period at 13 my mother always told me not to take a bath, because your a heavy bleeder it will clock your blood from flowing. Is this or is it not true?

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    5 years ago

    hey there the answer is yes because basically your period sorta stops when you get into water e.g. naked but since your wearing something when you go swimming etc it doesnt really stop just be prepared for when you come out of the bath or shower xx

  • 3 years ago

    what do you mean by tampon?thanks

    • Asia3 years agoReport

      A tampon can be a replacement for a pad while on your period. They're saying that if you're worried about bleeding in the water you can insert a tampon to make sure that doesn't happen.

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    You certainly can. I would recommend washing yourself with water quickly before hand, if you are not comfortable wearing a tampon, and then let tht water go down the plug and rinse the bath. Your menstruation flow should stop temporarily while in water, this is why you can still swim if you are having your period but dont want to wear a tampon.

    Hope this helps!

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    Yes, of course!

    When you take a bath, a little bit of water actually gets into your vagina and can rinse it out.

    But if you want to take a shower, then go for it. And you don't neccessarily need to wear a tampon to take a bath either.

  • 3 years ago

    Yes because if you don t you will smell bad and also you might get an infection.

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