Hey,very serious question here? It has to do with a 32 year old recording an underaged girl?

Is there any way I can get this guy in trouble anonymously?

I don't want to make itpublic,i jsut want him caught. I have the proof that videos are up of that person,and he was for sure the one who posted them on some child pornography site... or some webcam site where they hack into it.. need help REALLY bad?!?


I have a friend that can get his ip address,and link him to the webcam sites... all I need to know is how to go about it.

Update 2:

I need it to be anonymous becuase i'm the one who's the victim here..and quite frankly im scared to tell anyone.

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    Contact The National Center for Missing or Exploited Children.


    They have a cyber tip line. Quoted from the cite:

    "The Congressionally mandated CyberTipline is a reporting mechanism for cases of child sexual exploitation including child pornography, online enticement of children for sex acts, molestation of children outside the family, sex tourism of children, child victims of prostitution, and unsolicited obscene material sent to a child. Reports may be made 24-hours per day, 7 days per week online at www.cybertipline.com or by calling 1-800-843-5678. "

    or call your local non-emergency police number or child services.

    Good luck..and please do this immediately to help that child!

    Source(s): I just got off the phone with 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) They were VERY nice..they said you could post annonymously on the site..or if you call the number above they will answer quickly and take the information you have. PLEASE CALL THEM! YOU did NOTHING wrong!! They are there to help you..and to help you heal and protect other potential victims of this predator. Please...call now. Hugs n stuff.
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    Military Police Officer 7 years

    This is a very serious situation that should be handled in a sensitive matter.

    You stated that you are the victim. Regardless of whether this individual is exposed anonymously or not, in order for charges to be layed you will need to be involved. Once he is brought into the judgicial system everything depends on evidence. You being the victim makes you the main source of evidence. The police department will ask that you testify in a court of law against the defendant.

    Depending whether or not there are other victims will affect your level of involvment in this process. Are you aware of any other underaged person(s) male or female that he has abused?

    My advise is go to your nearest police department. Speak with the "Victim Services" department. This abuser will not stop at you, and unless you report him other minors will become victims.

    I understand you must feel terrified, embarassed, angry, and alone. Do you have a close family member or friend that could go with you? Please understand that you are a minor and in the eyes of the law and all law enforcement personell you are a victim and in no way have done anything wrong.

    Please stay strong and report this individual ASAP. If you have any further questions, or just need to vent feel free to email me.



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    It is possible that you can report him anonymously, however, you may not be able to remain anonymous if they prosecute him. If they prosecute him for simple possession or trafficking in child pornography you may be able to remain anonymous, however, if they charge him with statutory rape, you most likely will not be able to remain anonymous, at least as far as he is concerned.

    A criminal defendant has a constitutional right to face his accusers, which means he would learn who will be testifying as a witness against him. Merely possessing the pictures/video is enough to be convicted of possession of child pornography and therefore, you would probably not need to be a witness. Likewise, posting child porn could probably be proved without you if the police/FBI can trace the images posted to the site to his computer.

    However, you may need to be a witness in a possession or trafficing case if he claims that the person in the video is at least 18 and the person in the video appears to be or could be 18, the DA would need the person in the pictures to testify that they were not 18 at the time the video wase made.

    If they charge him with statutory rape, or you are called as a witness in a possession or trafficing case, you will need to testify against him and at least your parents will find out (the DA filing charges should not be talking to minors without the consent of their parents).

    At a trial where you are required to testify, the court will take certain precautions to protect your identity (i.e if your name is Jane Doe, they will refer to you as Jane D. in the records) and they may allow you to testify via closed circuit television so that you do not need to be in the same room as your assailant but, he has a constitutional right to know who is testifying against him and he (through his defense counsel) will have a right to cross examine you.

    What happened to you is nothing to be ashamed of; it was not your fault and you should report him but, you should know that there is a possibility that you will not be able to remain anonymous if you report him.

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    If you have information, give it to the police. You won't be made public unless you have to testify against the guy in a trial, and the police and prosecutor will do what they can to keep you out of it. If your evidence is good, they won't need you. But even if there's the chance you would be identified as the person who turned the guy in, you have to do the moral thing to protect others. If you don't, you are putting yourself ahead of the welfare of others, other children may be victimized by this guy, and that makes you just as evil as he is.

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    I understand why you want anonymity. Gather all your information and send to the police. Understand that your status as a juvenile will be difficult to establish with your anonymity. Being a juvenile gives you protection from being identified in court. Keep in mind that no one need ever know you're name outside of those directly involved in the investigation and prosecution should you choose to provide your identity along with the evidence.

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    If you go to the cops and tell them he will get locked up and you can ask them to put you as anonymous and they will but if you don't go to the cops he could still be doing this to other girls so you need to tell some one or hes going to keep doing this and make more people feel like you feel and i sure you don't feel to good

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    You should email the links with an explanation of what you know and who he is to the district attorney's office.

    If you really need to remain anonymous, email using a guest account from an internet cafe.

    You could also mail this information.

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    You can call the police and leave an anonymous tip. They do it all the time. Just tell them you have information and wish to remain anonymous.

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    You can do it anonymously or not, but his guy needs to be reported to the police, ASAP. Give them all the info you have and let them take it from there. They take this stuff very seriously. And I can pretty well assure you, they WILL do something about it.

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    1.) Good job for being strong enough to stand up for yourself!

    2.) Take your proof and go to your local police authority. Press charges. If you are still a minor, they won't release your name.

    3.) Call whatever whatever Women's Crisis Center you have in your area. You might need couseling.

    Good luck and more power to ya, girl!

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