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I see from the official scrabble word list book that 'za' is a US abbreviation for pizza. Does anyone say it?

Do American youths really ask for a 'za' with everything?

I don't believe it myself!

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    I first heard it in the early 1970's when I lived in Ohio. I have heard people say it when they are being kind of goofy. In my experience it is not that commonly used, but most anyone would know what you meant if you said it.

    Acronym Finder knows about it:{433...

    It is also the name of a great Pizza restaurant in Arlington, MA:

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    Za Scrabble Word

  • 1 decade ago

    Lived in Washington state for over 6 years. Never heard "za" being used. They called it pizza.

  • 5 years ago

    QI is in 4th Edition Scrabble Dictionary.

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    1 decade ago

    Not that I have ever heard. The Scrabble dictionary does, in my opinion, stretch things more than a bit.

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    Personally, I don't use it but I've heard it from friends and others around me. I think it's a pretty common term around these parts (Minnesota if that helps).

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    It's slang that never really caught on. I think it came more from the surfer/stoner crowd than any other groups.

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    we say it. but we dont say za.least ways ive never heard it in that za do you abreviate something that is already abreveated?pizza pie.

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