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Can Thabo Mbeki be trusted in the talks between ZANU PF and the MDC?

We all know that the South African president has tried and failed to cling on to power, as much as our own President Mugabe. So I'm concerned whether Mbeki is really brokering any talks between MDC and Zanu PF or he's asking for advice from Gushungo (Mugabe) on how to stay in power?

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    Hello abuja,

    You should try to ask this question in the "South Africa Travel" section, there are a couple of regulars there who will shed a little light, and even some Zimbabweans from time to time.

    I think it's probably more the case of how to stay in power.

    The ANC's arms are tied, they owe Mugabe and Zanu PF way too many favours for support during their time of exile - hence their policy of "Quiet diplomacy", which, by the way, was immediately confirmed by Jacob Zuma during one of his first speeches as the new president of the ANC.

    I wouldn't trust Mbeki at all, he has done nothing but line his and his cronies pockets with money from the Nation's coffers (and not to mention his criminal stance on denying that HIV causes AIDS).

    Hope this helps,

    good luck.

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    How DARE you post thoughtful and serious questions!

    Seriously, I don't know. I'm a bit concerned that he failed to attend the ANC meeting where fraud/corruption charges were to be leveled against Mr. Zuma.

    Seems to me that he'd want to be there to oversee (or at least be involved in) the agenda. In addition, I'm VERY concerned that he is asking advice of President Mugabe, who does not have a good record of human rights. Not a good person to ask advice from!

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    You ARe right, a drowning man like him has no business to broker peace when he is not at peace himself. i am sure he needs Mugabe more than MDC now.

    Mbeki's concern should naturally be about himself getting back into power, which has alluded him anyway.

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