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    - A video for Flair & HHH is shown.

    - Vince and Regal open up RAW in the back. Vince reveals the RAW Roulette wheel with lots of different matches on it. Regal apologizes for last week and not hitting Hornswoggle. Vince makes Triple H vs. William Regal tonight and spins the wheel... it lands on a First Blood match. Vince tells Regal to beat the hell out of Triple H.

    Regal walks out and Triple H attacks him in the hallway. Triple H throws him over a table and the referees break them up.

    Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Kennedy

    Apparently the name of Kennedy's new finisher is Mic Check. Kennedy comes out last and they lock eyes and square up in the ring. Kennedy goes to grab his mic and Vince comes on the screen. Vince spins the RAW Roulette wheel and it lands on a... Strange Bedfellows Match. HBK & Kennedy have to team up and face another tag team.

    We're back from commercial and it's HBK and Mr. Kennedy vs. Charlie Haas and Trevor Murdoch. It's Kennedy and Haas in the ring, Kennedy comes off the ropes and HBK tags himself in. HBK throws Kennedy out of the ring then Haas out of the ring. Haas comes back up from the ground with his luchador mask on. Haas says "Now it's Time" and flies in the ring acting like a superhero. Murdoch in control of HBK now, hits a big boot to the face. Haas and Murdoch cut HBK off in their corner with the double team. HBK goes to tag in Mr. Kennedy and Kennedy jumps off the apron and refuses the tag. HBK reverses a Haas suplex and tears off his mask. HBK takes control and hits his elbow from the top on Haas followed by Sweet Chin Music on Murdoch. HBK goes to Kick Haas and Kennedy distracts him. Kennedy tags himself in, hits the Mic Check on HBK then gets the pin on Haas.

    Winners: HBK and Mr. Kennedy

    After the match, HBK is down on the mat and Kennedy gets over top of him and taunts him and talks trash.

    Trading Places Match: Carlito vs. Hardcore Holly

    In this match, the wrestlers must dress as each other. Carlito comes out first dressed as Hardcore Holly; shorts, blonde wig, theme music and all. Santino is with him. Hardcore Holly comes out to Carlito's music with a big afro on and an apple, shirt and all. Cody Rhodes is walking with the tag belts.

    Holly takes his shirt off but keeps the wig on. Carlito takes Holly into the corner first, knocking the wig off. Carlito in control of the match early on. Back suplex by Carlito and a 2 count. Jim Ross mentions Holly qualified for the Rumble this past weekend. Carlito's Holly wig is still on his head. Holly takes control with chops in the corner and a dropkick. Santino climbs to the top turnbuckle and distracts the ref. Cody Rhodes throws Holly the apple and spits it in Carlito's face. Holly hits his Slam on Carlito for the 1-2-3.

    Winner: Hardcore Holly

    - Vince is in the back with Maria. He says she gets to pick which kind of match all the Divas are in tonight. Maria spins and it lands on Submission match. Vince says close your eyes, think about a nice date with Santino. Vince changes the wheel to a Lingerie Pillowfight match. All of the Divas will be wearing lingerie Vince says and explains the rules to her. Vince says you can't put any foreign objects in the pillows, Maria says it's okay because her pillows are all natural. Vince says good luck.

    - Video promo airs highlighting Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy's feud and what happened at RAW last week between Orton and Matt Hardy.

    - Backstage interview with Jeff Hardy. He says Matt isn't good and he spent New Years in the hospital by his side. Hardy says he's going to not only take Orton's WWE Title, but he's going to take him out.

    Jim Ross announces Jeff Hardy will face Umaga tonight in a Steel Cage match.

    - Backstage the wheel is spinning and Hornswoggle is running around it. WWE is having some sound problems as you can't make out what they're saying. I'm pretty sure Vince says Hornswoggle can be in the Royal Rumble if he qualifies... Jim Ross breaks the segment and apologizes for the technical difficulties.

    - Up next, the Divas Lingerie Pillow Fight

    - They show us the tape from when the sound problems were going on. Vince tells Hornswoggle he wasn't going to let Regal hit him last week. Vince says Hornswoggle could win the Rumble this year. Hornswoggle must have a qualifying match tonight in a "Mr. McMahon's Choice" match on the wheel. Vince says Hornswoggle can pick any partner tonight for a tag match and Hornswoggle and his partner will be in the Rumble if they win and if they lose, their opponents will be in the Rumble.

    Lingerie Pillow Fight

    Lilian Garcia says that all items in the ring can be used in this match. There's a bed in the middle of the ring with different pillows. Melina comes out first in some hot lingerie and heels followed by Jillian Hall, Maria, Mickie James and Ashley Massaro! Ashley looks hot and gets a pretty nice pop. The Divas start out jumping on the bed, knocking each other off. Here come the pillows.

    Jillian and Melina get caught hiding under the bedspread and get beat up for it, with pillows. Maria hits her Bronco Buster on Jillian. Mickie James bends Melina over the ropes and spanks her. The girls start fighting on the bed now. This one is definitely for the eye candy. Maria and Mickie double team Melina and almost kill her. They hold Jillian down on the bed and Ashley climbs to the top and elbow drops her and gets the pinfall for the win. Maria, Mickie and Ashley clear the ring with pillows and celebrate in the bed.

    Winner: Ashley Massaro

    - Triple H is shown walking to the ring for his First Blood Match with William Regal.

    - Commercial airs for WWE in High Definition that will start in two weeks with RAW.

    - Commercial airs for ECW Sci-Fi tomorrow night with Chavo Guerrero vs. CM Punk for the ECW Championship.

    - Backstage with Hornswoggle recruiting a tag partner. Super Crazy says he is Super, but not that Crazy. Hornswoggle spots someone else and goes running off.

    First Blood Match: William Regal vs. Triple H

    William Regal comes out first and he looks like he's ready to fight. JR reminds us the first man to draw blood from his opponent wins the match. Here comes The Game.

    Triple H does his usual intro and they start brawling. Regal goes down and rolls to the outside where Triple H follows. Regal blocks a shot to the steel steps. Regal pulls out brass knuckles but they get knocked down. Triple H knocking Regal's head into the announce table and raking it across the steps. Triple H picks up the steps, throws them at Regal and misses.

    Regal pulls Triple H into the post and takes control. Huge "REGAL SUCKS" chant going on. Back in the ring with Regal in control. Regal exposes the top turnbuckle while Triple H is down. Regal throws HHH head first into the turnbuckle, the ref checks him for blood. Regal continues to pound on Triple H.

    The Game blocks another shot to the exposed turnbuckle and hits Regal with it and takes control. Face buster and HHH goes for the Pedigree. Regal blocks it and throws him into the other turnbuckle. Regal with a running kick to Triple H's face. Major heat from the crowd on Regal. Regal goes to the outside and grabs the brass knuckles. Back in the ring, HHH blocks Regal's attack with a Spinebuster. Triple H punching Regal in the face while he's down. Triple H continues to punch Regal in the head until Regal bleeds.

    Winner: Triple H

    Regal is busted up and Triple H continues to beat on him. The Game picks him up for the Pedigree and lays Regal out in the middle of the ring.

    - Later tonight, Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga in a Steel Cage match.

    - Promo video airs for Jeff Hardy and his WWE Title match against Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

    - Backstage, Hornswoggle is asking Santino Marella to be his partner. Santino says he would be insane to risk his Rumble spot for Hornswoggle and says small people creep him out. Hornswoggle looks frustrated.

    - Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler plug the Chris Jericho vs. JBL match at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. A video airs showing the events leading up to the match between the two.

    - Chris Jericho comes out for a match and Vince is shown in the back spinning the wheel as we go to commercial.

    Handicap Match: Chris Jericho vs. Snitsky & JBL

    Lilian Garcia announces this one as a Handicap match. JBL comes to the ring in his limousine. Snitsky starts it first and gets Jericho in the corner. Jericho tries to fight back but gets leveled by a clothesline followed by a series of stomps. Huge hip toss by Snitsky. Snitsky misses a running boot and gets hung up on the ropes. Dropkick by Jericho sends Snitsky to the floor. JBL comes over and begins to fight with Y2J on the floor. JBL hits Jericho in the head with the timekeeper's bell. JBL knocks down the referee and sends Jericho head first into the steps.

    JBL chokes Jericho on the floor with the cables. JBL wraps the cables around Jericho's neck and drags him across the floor with it. JBL drags Jericho around the ring while kicking him. JBL pulls Jericho in for a big clothesline. The referee is trying to stop it but can't. JBL continues to drag Y2J up the entrance way and to the RAW set.

    JBL continues his brutal assault on Jericho over by the fans. JBL is taunting Jericho while holding him by the cables, kicking and punching him. JBL climbs a part of the RAW set and ties the cable around it and pulls Jericho up, trying to hang him. WWE officials come out and pull JBL away. Jericho looked like he banged the back of his head pretty hard on the railing. Huge "YOU SUCK" chants to JBL. RAW goes to commercial as Jericho is shown gasping for air.

    - JR and King run down the Rumble card

    Royal Rumble Qualifying Match: Hornswoggle and Mick Foley vs. The Highlanders

    Whoever wins will be in the Rumble. Hornswoggle's partner comes out and is some skinny looking guy named DH Jordan. Mick Foley comes out, sends Jordan back to the back and will be Hornswoggle's partner. Foley starts out against Robbie.

    Foley in control to start the match. Foley tags in Hornswoggle and Vince's baby boy hits some moves on Rory. Rory knocks Hornswoggle down and gets a 2 count thanks to Mick Foley who makes the save. Foley gets tagged in, backs Rory into the corner and hits him with right hands. Bang Bang. Running knee to the face by Foley. The Highlanders back Foley into the corner and do the double team.

    Foley gains the upper hand and brings out Mr. Socko. Rory jumps off the top rope and gets Socko in the mouth. DDT on the other Highlander. Foley tags in Hornswoggle who goes to the top and hits the frogsplash for the win. Foley and Hornswoggle will now be in the Royal Rumble. Hornswoggle and Foley celebrate in the ring with Hornswoggle throwing Socko into the crowd.

    Winners: Mick Foley and Hornswoggle

    - The Steel Cage is now being lowered for the Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga main event. as RAW goes to commercial.

    Steel Cage Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga

    Lilian Garcia goes over the rules which are standard cage match rules. Jeff Hardy comes out first. Hardy goes around to all the fans and gets in the ring to await Umaga. Umaga enters the cage as Randy Orton's music hits. Orton comes walking out, not dressed to wrestle. Orton stares down Hardy from the entrance way and makes his way to ringside. Orton grabs a chair and watches the match from ringside.

    Umaga takes control early on, over powering Hardy. Hardy hits a dropkick and goes for a two count. Kick to the face by Umaga knocks Hardy down. Umaga throws Hardy into the corner and misses the splash, hitting the cage. Hardy takes control again and gets a two count. Orton gets up and taunts Hardy from the cage. Umaga throws Hardy over his shoulder into the cage, but Hardy catches himself and blocks Umaga but ends up slammed on his back as Orton cheers on Umaga and we go to commercial.

    Back from commercial with Orton watching the action. Umaga has Hardy down on the mat with a hold. Orton cheers Umaga on telling him to squeeze the life out of him. Jeff Hardy finally gets back to his feet and fights Umaga back. Kick to the face by Hardy but Umaga backdrops Hardy into the cage and Hardy hits hard. Orton tells Umaga to finish him.

    Umaga slams Hardy's head into the cage and continues to beat on him. Umaga runs off the ropes and splashes Hardy into the cage. Hardy looks bad. Umaga gets a 2 count. Orton continues to taunt from ringside. Orton throws 4 steel chairs into the ring for Umaga. Umaga grabs one and smacks Hardy in the back with it as he tries to get up. Umaga still only gets a 2 count.

    Umaga starts to climb out of the cage but Hardy gets up and knocks him down on the ropes. Umaga is suspended on the ropes as Hardy sets up a chair, bounces off the ropes and jumps onto Umaga and puts him into the cage. Both men are down as Orton taunts from outside the cage. Hady is up first and tries to hit the Twist of Fate but Umaga blocks with a version of the Samoan Spike.

    Orton keeps taunting Hardy and the ref tells him to stay out of the way. Umaga misses the running splash in the corner and Hardy is back up and takes control with a series of moves and kicks. Hardy throws the chair into Umaga's head. Hardy sets the chair up and DDT's Umaga onto it. Hardy gets a 2 count.

    Hardy goes to leave the cage and Orton slams the door on his head. The match is no DQ so the ref can't do anything. Umaga goes for a pin and only gets a 2 count. Umaga is back up and calling for the Samoan Spike. Hardy blocks it and hits the Twist of Fate. Hardy goes to climb the cage but Orton runs over to wait for him. Hardy instead hits a Whisper in the Wind from the top of the cage onto Umaga in the ring. Hardy gets the 1-2-3.

    Winner: Jeff Hardy

    Orton watches from the outside looking frustrated as Hardy climbs the top of the cage to celebrate. Hardy and Orton stare each other down with Hardy on top of the cage as the first RAW of 2008 goes off the air.

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    My commonplace gimmick on raw ever! Michael Cole spinning the wheel. haha! John Cena vs Randy orton in a lumberjack tournament. Wade Barrett vs Darren youthful in a metallic cage tournament

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