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What is windows live spaces?

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    It's basically the Windows version of MySpace and Facebook, though probably considerably safer! I have a profile on all three.

    Live Spaces is perhaps not as customisable as MySpace and does not have some of the groovy features of Facebook, but it's basically a place where you can set up your own personalised website, upload photos and music, customise the background and make friends.

    Live Spaces interacts with any other Windows Live programs you may have. I have all of the Windows Live programs, so my contacts in Windows Live Mail also show in Windows Live Messenger (MSN) and also on my Live Space, though I can delete any contacts from my Live Space that I don't want on there.

    You can also search for friends and also make friends, as well as browse other profiles if you just fancy having a nosey!

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    something like yahoo 360

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