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Because of him request and his bothering me all the time, I'm finishing the project myself.

1. Because of [him (A)] request and [his (B)] bothering [me (C)] all the

time, I'm finishing the project [myself (D)].

所以錯的地方是 (A),應該要改成 his



1. Last week the consultant [said (A)] that the company [shall hire (B)] a

public relations firm, which [would help (C)] their image greatly

[considering (D)] recent profit losses.

2. The board of directors [should be (A)] deciding now who [will get (B)]

promotions, who [may be (C)] trained for managerial positions, and who

[would be (D)] fired.

3. Since she's been told that she [would have(A)] seniority and

[can ask (B)] for a transfer, she [should look (C)] for an opening in other departments and [submit (D)] a request.

4. The committee agrees that a solution [must be (A)] found right away,

but the members [cannot (B)] agree on what it [should be (C)] or who

[might have been (D)] the best people to implement it.

5. The procedures that we [must follow (A)] when we [will have (B)]

problems [using (C)] the new copier [are posted (D)].

6. I [would do (A)] it if I [could (B)], but I [can't (C)], so I [wouldn't (D)] even try.

7. Her mother, who [passed away (A)] last year, [must be (B)] a

remarkable woman if she [could take (C)] care of a house, raise five

children, and [work (D)] at her family's store all at the same time.

8. When you [realized (A)] you [may have (B)] difficulty arranging last

month's conference you [should have (C)] told me so that I

[could have (D)] gotten some people to volunteer.

9. The new software training program that [will be set up (A)]

[outht to improve (B)] our employees' skills dramatically so that they

[could produce (C)] much more graphic material and [increase (D)] their



10. You [may think (A)] that this restaurant [might not have (B)] great

food because of its simple look, but you [can believe (C)] me when I tell you that your taste buds [will have been (D)] pleasantly surprised.

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    1. C. help with 名詞 (their image), help + 原型動詞

    2. D. 句子是現在時態 用現在或未來時態 will (may) be (同B, C), would 是過去時態

    3. B, 副句(since)是過去時態用could, can 是現在時態

    4. D, 句子是現在時態 用may be (同A, B, C), 不用might have been 過去推測語氣

    5. B, have 簡單現在式 不須未來式

    6. D, won't 配合 C 現在式(有未來語氣)

    7. B, must have been過去推測語氣(句子有if...) 因為人已往生了

    8. B, might have 句子是過去時態 last month

    9. C, can produce 現在式(有未來語氣因為句子有will be ...)

    10. D, will be 未來語氣(因為還沒吃), will have been 是未來完成式 必須有特定時間副詞(句)配合

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