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在大學認識了一個跟我很好的朋友 在我從家裡座火車來的時候 他會跟我說

到了火車站 打電話給他一下 馬上就會來載我 下課的時候會一起去球場打球

晚上的時候會找我要不要跟他一起完線上遊戲 在我要去台南的時候 他會界我機車去讓我找他

不然就是載我去火車站 這就是我的朋友

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    I became acquainted with one of my best friends in college. When I'm on my way to here by train. He always tells me to give him a call and

    then, he will give me a ride immediately. After class, we'll go to play

    basketball together. In the evening, he will ask me whether I want to

    play online games with him or not. When I want to go to Tainan, he will

    lend me his scooter so that I can visit him in Tainan or he will take me to the train station. This is my friend.

    Source(s): 學校中英翻譯課訓練出來的成果~
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