I am looking for the person seeking information about William Emerson Story ?

I am one of his sons and can try to give you what information that I can. He was in the Korean conflict as a navigator on bombers not ww2. That is why you could find no records on him. He was at Sacramento state in the late 50s. He has since passed . However you do have numerous half brothers and sisters. hope to have some contact with in the future since you are family. If anyone knows who ren-faire-rose is please respond ?

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    the critical question is, are you talking about a question that was posted HERE on yahoo answers? You can sometimes pull that up by using the search box at the top of the page here. I just tried and didn't get it, but you might already have this up.

    If you can pull it, click on the persons avatar (picture), which takes to the profile, and look to see if they have email enabled. Sadly, many persons don't.

    next, if they don't have that open, look below to the list of their QUESTIONS to see if they have a question currently open. If they do.. then click over to that question and leave a reply to that. MAKE SURE YOUR OWN EMAIL IS OPEN, SO THEY CAN GET BACK TO YOU.

    One last "trick".. make sure you have a name that is descriptive ie 'looking for wm story" (even if you have to open a new yahoo account to do that). Now, send a request to have that person ADD you as a contact. Yahoo will send a notice "so and so has added you as a contact". That goes to their email, even if they don't have it open to others. When they see the email and the name, it should be a red flag, and they can click to YOUR profile. I know I had one person do this, and they connected. If the person you want is a casual yahoo user, they may not.


    I just ran search with william emerson story in the box, it did pull up the question, AND SHE HAS OPEN EMAIL.

    Go !!

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