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Information about the 50's?

I'm wondering if anyone has interesting information about how life was like in the 1950's (in America)? If someone was living during that time or knows anything about what was happening, then that would be great.

Thanks in advance. :)

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  • gale s
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    1 decade ago
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    I was a teen-ager during the fifties.It was a great time,life was slower,if you were a girl you would most likely become a teacher,nurse or secretary.The dreams of becoming more than that were limited.Your folks felt you would get married and stay at home to raise the kids, so girls being educated was not a priority.In our spare time we went to the movies on the week-end or the beach.Few guys owed cars,but once in awhile,a boy might get his father's car if he was lucky.The music was changing, we were dancing to rock and roll.Elvis was coming unto the scene, but most of us were into any group of 4 singers.The Four Aces, the Four Freshman, Pat

    Boone, Bobby Curtola were big at that time.

    As young people we didn't have the same worries as the young people have to-day.Our folks were trying to get ahead,

    buy a house, the Second World War as behind them and the

    country was growing.Jobs were plentiful.

    People were careful with their money,and being in debt was unusual, not like to-day.

    Mom's stayed at home and raised the kids, Dad's went of to work.

    T.V. had just come into the country and we sat around a very snowy T.V. to watch Ed Sullivan on Sunday night.

    If you were lucky on a Friday night, your parents might let you stay up on a Friday night to watch Steve Allen at11.00.similar to the Jay Leno show to-day.

    Holidays might be at a cottage for a week.Very few people travelled, there wasn't money for that kind of luxury.

    You were allowed to use the phone only 15 minutes per day,so you chose wisely who and when you called friends.

    Parties were held at home with parents supervision.

    Everyone smoked, our parents and the kids by the time they were 16.(How stupid we were)

    We hung out at the closest restaurant and drank coke and ate hamburgers.The footlong hot-dog was the favourite thing to eat.

    Girls had pajama parties were we talked about our dreams

    (Boys, boys, boys)Our aspirations were never very big.

    We didn't think about supporting ourselves, the man in our life would do that for us when we got married.

    We had no idea what was going on in other parts of the world, or even the world outside our community.

    We all knew we would be married by the time we were 20 or 21 and have a family.

    I moved out of the small city I grew up in and moved to a bigger city only 20 miles away.I was considered adventurous

    and didn't get married until I was 24.My friends back home by then had 2 or 3 kids, everytime I went home, they wanted to know when was I going to settle down.

    Life was easier in so many ways then for young people,we maybe didn't have the luxuries that the youth of to-day have, but we also didn't have the pressures of to-day's youth.

  • Mike K
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    1 decade ago


    Gale S has said it all very well. I was just a kid at that time but remember certain things quite vividly. Part of my child hood in the 50's was spent in England and later Canada.

    I just wanted to add to the excellent missive above that we were very sheltered from many of the problems in the community such as spousal and child abuse, alcoholism etc.

    Drugs were not an issue. People kept their affairs more under mums and when something bad was going on we were given various excuses as to why we could not play with Dick or Jane at their homes for a spell. Also we were kept abreast of world affairs in my country and many events that shook the world in those times seem very tame in comparison to today.


    Michael K

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    segregation took place. the korean war was fought in the early 50's

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