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What is cause, symptoms, treatment for chronic myologic leukemia?

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    CML can occur in adults (usually middle-aged) and children. The disease affects 1 to 2 people per 100,000 and accounts for 7 - 20% cases of leukemia. It is usually associated with a chromosome abnormality called the Philadelphia chromosome.

    CML causes rapid growth of the blood-forming cells (myeloid precursors) in the bone marrow, peripheral blood, and body tissues.

    Exposure to ionizing radiation is one possible trigger for this chromosome abnormality. Such exposure could occur from a nuclear disaster or from treatment of a previous cancer, like thyroid cancer or Hodgkin's lymphoma. However, the vast majority of people treated for cancer with radiation do not go on to develop leukemia. It takes many years to develop leukemia from this cause.

    Signs and Symptoms :

    CML signs and symptoms tend to develop slowly. Some patients learn about their CML after a routine blood test given during a check up.

    Some changes that a person with CML may have are:


    Shortness of breath doing activities

    Pale-looking skin

    Enlarged spleen

    Night sweats

    Weight loss

    These signs and symptoms for CML are common to other illnesses.


    Lab tests are used to make a CML diagnosis. They are also used to check a patient's response to treatment.

    Blood and Bone Marrow Tests

    Blood and bone marrow tests are done to look for leukemia cells to find out if a person has CML. In CML, the white cell count increases, often to very high levels. Platelet counts may also be high. Levels of hemoglobin go down.

    A CML diagnosis is usually clear from an exam of blood cells. A bone marrow aspirate and a bone marrow biopsy are two tests that are done to look at the marrow cells for changes that can't be seen in cells in the blood. These tests may help the doctor to choose the best treatment for the patient. The tests also help the doctor to follow the effects of therapy.

    Cytogenetic Analysis

    Cytogenetic analysis is a lab test to examine the chromosomes of the leukemia cells. This test helps the doctor to find out if the patient's type of leukemia is CML.

    FISH is a lab test used to measure the patient's percent of CML cells.

    PCR is a very sensitive test that is used when there are no CML cells found by FISH.


    Some CML patients may want to get a second medical opinion. It is important to get treatment in a center where doctors are experienced in the care of patients with CML.

    Chronic Phase Treatment - Drug Therapy

    The goal of treating chronic phase CML is to bring the level of blood cells back to normal and to get rid of all cells with the BCR-ABL cancer gene.

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    First person is way off bass in that leukemia isnt a tumor.

    Most often, cml shows up in the elderly. They generally cont tolerate the harsh treatment needed for cure. It is usually controlled and lived with for many years using the drug gleevec.

    For younger patients, chemo and a bone marrow/stem cell transplant is involved in the treatment. Some elderly patients are given a type of 'mini' transplant.

    Causes are usually environmental, that we know of today. Benzene (most often exposure from cigs, but also petro chemicals as well) and things like that. and can give you some info

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    The cause of CML is due to a change in formation of white blood cells which then do not mature correctly so they can't function normally and then crowd out the red blood cells so you become short of breath, have infections, and can bruise or bleed easily.The treatment is chemo and sometimes stem cell transplants depending on your age and ability to tolerate treatment. Younger people have a better chance of survival.

    Source(s): Myself. I have CML and breast cancer and have survived for18 months. I have a 20% chance of living 2 years because I am now 60years old. I am an R.N.
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    I had leukemia about 8 years ago.

    White blood cells were multiplying too fast and created a mass in my chest.

    I had shortness of breath and horrible cough.

    I had chemotherapy and radiation for three years.

    I'm not sure what the differences are in the types of leukemia. I had A.L.L.

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    This is a problem which causes the blood cells to fail to clot properly. So if your friend gets a cut he/she will bleed for much longer than your other friends or yourself. This is a genetic condition which cannot be transmitted between you or your friends in any way what so ever. Other signs of Haemophilia are excessive bruising and being pale and tired. Your friend can visit the doctor who can measure his white/red blood cell levels and diagnose accordingly. In nearly all cases medication can control haemophilia sufficiently well to allow the sufferer to lead a pretty normal life.

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    Most likeley a chemotherapy treatment, which uses radiation. They have found a drug, that i recently read, where a drug re organizes the blood veins, so that medication can get through to the tumor. I hope you find your answer!


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